Wedding gowns inspired by botanicals… could there be a more appropriate display of wedding day fashion for The Nature Issue?

Claire Pettibone is like no other designer when it comes to including the beauty of nature on her gowns, and her brand new collection from 2021, “The three Graces” embodies everything botanical, everything floral and oh my, everything absolutely breathtaking.

Inspired by the collection’s namesake of course, “The three Graces” are a focus of Botticelli’s famous painting, “Primavera”. The three graces are depicted alongside Venus at the centre of the garden, with Chloris and Flora off to the side. It was this beauty, the daughters of Zeus and Hera and the gifts of charm, beauty and creativity, that drew on the meaning behind Claire’s design sense for the collection.

And that beauty is present in each and every gown- all, of course, right in tune too, with all things nature. “Flora” our favourite, with embroidered Scarlett blooms and trailing greenery- a showstopper without doubt. Then, for a more subtle botanical-inspired look, you also want to check out “Venus”, this one featuring embroidered blooms in pastel hues on a beige-pink sheath. “Chloris” of ivory and silver (pictured below) even bring to life the floral detail with petal sleeves – ethereal and an utter dream. These are gowns that embody the beauty that only Mother Nature knows how to master. And yet, somehow, as always, Claire Pettibone knows how to capture its delicacy and whimsy, in the most beautiful focus as you walk down the aisle.

After all, says Claire “When I began designing new dresses for this season, I felt a desire to create a collection that would take your breath away…that would be eternally beautiful…like a work of art. I believe the goddesses are with us still, reminding us of beauty and joy, and inviting us to come dance with them.”

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