If someone had told me a few years ago that the traditional, whimsical palette and overall “look” of weddings would take a rustic, edgy turn… I’m not sure I would have believed them! But lo and behold, betrothed couples realised that they didn’t have to follow in the traditional wedding footsteps if they didn’t want to. There was a “place” for them! Warehouses… to be exact. Warehouses, studios, barns – the list is endless. Venues that offer a blank space tht could be transformed into moody, romantic settings, with touches of black and copper, exposed brick and timber, glowing festoon lights and candles. And thus… the age of the industrial wedding began. And we haven’t looked back!

March at Polka Dot Wedding is rocking the Industrial Issue! These days anything goes with the industrial theme. It’s not just about the darker side of styling anymore, and wedding vendors have created breathtaking backdrops to some seriously stunning nuptials with the industrial element running strong throughout.

As always we have an array of divine weddings for you to drool over, and many showcasing the industrial theme we’ve come to love. We’re taking a look at some of the more industrial style boutique accommodation in our capital cities, as well as industrial chic wine cellar honeymoon experiences you absolutely MUST consider to wind down after all the planning that wedding took.

We explore ways to create your industrial theme in the dark, edgy decor we’ve come to know it for, or if a soft, whimsical look is more you thing, we’ve got that covered as well. We can’t wait to explore the industrial side of weddings with you – our dear readers!

Follow along throughout the month here for all the fun!

Header image by Tanya Voltchanskaya via Amy & Malen’s Colourful & Handmade Wedding In Melbourne