Remember when The Wedding and Events Creators gave us some great advice on how to be a great host at your wedding ceremony? (Check it out here!) Well, they’re back with the second piece of the hosting puzzle with tips on how to host a relaxing reception and recovery.

Image & Header Image: Jason Valler

Congrats! The hard part of the day is over, now let the good times roll with your reception. We’ve seen couples get super creative in how they make their reception unique. Below are some of the best ways to host a terrific one.

Comfort is Key

Hire furniture and soft cushions that guests want to relax (there are so many to choose from like beautiful rugs, ottomans, and bamboo furniture sets). Another way to ensure your guests are comfortable is by keeping them on the dance floor with “happy feet” that can dance the night away! Why not purchase thongs for them to change into when the party really gets going?

Image: Captured by Kate from Moroccan Love Shoot styled by Wedding and Event Creators

Image: Red Berry Photography 

Reception Entertainment

We love a shared guestbook/ photo book that guests are encouraged to take Polaroid photos for mementos/ keepsakes for you or them to look back on.

Printables & Outdoor Games

Speech Bingo or Crossword puzzles are super easy to create and are perfect for your reception to keep guests entertained. Keep them busy while you’re getting your professional photos taken with Outdoor lawn games – there are loads of games to choose from to hire like Jenga, Naughts and Crosses, and Ring Toss.

Image: Michael Gray Photography 

Temporary Tattoos

Are you and your significant other known as being the ‘cool kids’? Whip up a unique design for your wedding day and get your guests’ inked. It is a fun way for guests to remember the day.

Customizable Drink Stencils

Remind guests where they are with cool, customized patterns on their cocktails! Henry Clive Bar make personalised stencils for wedding cocktails for your guests, like the ones from Alana and Stephen’s wedding.

Espresso Martini Stencil Images: Jason Valler 

Digital Boujee

Instagram is sure to go off on the day with guests sharing the day on their social media accounts. We love seeing customized GIFs designed for guests to use in their social posts to celebrate the day!

End of the Night – The Clean Up

Now whether or not you are party animals (not everyone is, which is A-okay) wrapping up the festivities can look a bit different. We recommend a support crew who can step in when you have other priorities. No judgment if you want to call it a night after cake and a few laps of the dance floor, and crave the quietness of a hotel room after the day of chaos.

Contractually most venues require you to clean the space and it’s an uncomfortable conversation to ask family or friends to restore order to the venue (especially if they have had a few drinks). Why not let us (your event planners) do the dirty work so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Have a Plan for your Flowers 

Ensure they are given away to guests to take home and enjoy, or if you want to keep them for yourself make sure no one takes them by accident (or worse – throws them out!

Avoid Food Wastage & Catering Add On’s 

Organise plastic take-away food containers for wedding cake or any leftovers. And make sure you have a discussion with your caterer in regards to late-night snack options. Guests love having another round of food to soak up alcohol after a few hours of dancing since the last course. We’ve seen hosts order Uber eats to the venue or supply mini burger sliders or pizza served around 10:30pm. Keep your guests bellies full and they will be happy campers!

Images: Alana Taylor Photography via Modern Springtime Wedding Inspiration

We hope we have offered a trusty roadmap on how to be the greatest wedding hosts of all time! Remember you don’t need to feel scared and overwhelmed with the nitty-gritty of planning malarkey – we and many other event planners in the business live & breathe parties so we can always point you in the right direction. Happy planning!