When it comes to planning and hosting the perfect wedding, The Wedding & Event Creators team has been around the block a few times so we know a few things about the party planning malarkey. Trust us – we’ve been there, seen it, and planned it. In all our wisdom we’ve put together a helpful list of tips on how to be the greatest hosts of all time because sometimes it’s the little things that actually make the biggest impact on your guests on our wedding day. Let’s hit things off with some pre-wedding day tips.

Image: Jason Corroto via Kate & Caleb’s Modern Cocktail Country Wedding

RSVPs to include a communal playlist

Ask your guests to suggest their favourite song and contribute to a communal playlist to be played at your reception (and remember to ask if catering needs to accommodate any dietary requirements).

Avoid location nightmare

Is your venue a bit tricky to find? We suggest assisting guests with navigation and include a map with directions to your venue. We love hand-illustrated map by artist Vanessa Nguyen (because getting a text that reads “HELP I’m lost” is 100% NOT something you want to deal with minutes before you walk down the aisle).

Couple photo wall

Ask your guests to electronically send any photos of the couple to make a combined photo wall. This is super sentimental and we love sharing picture-perfect moments about their love story!

Interstate travel

Are your guests traveling interstate to be with you? Invite them to a dress rehearsal dinner the night before or an afterparty brunch to make them feel appreciated.

On the day – The ceremony

Today is your big day (YAY!) and being conscientious might not be at the forefront of your mind, but if you have put your trust in a coordination team like The Wedding and Event Creators we will be that ‘extra pair of hands’ for you. We can help keep smiles on guests’ faces and ensure the day runs smoothly. And below is a list of special touches that can create the best atmosphere and experience for your nearest and dearest.

Wining & dining your guests starts now!

The formalities of your ceremony are special to you and your families, however friends and work colleagues you might have invited may not be thrilled to sit through vows. Kick-off the party with booze on arrival, or why not offer a beverage for guests to enjoy during your ceremony. For cooler weather weddings, why not provide warming glasses of mulled wine on arrival to keep your loved ones toasty.

Keep them cool or warm – whatever the weather calls for!

We suggest providing pretty paper fans to keep guests cool during the ceremony. If you are planning a winter wedding here are some ways for keeping them snug and warm. Include a few baskets of blankets dotted around your outdoor spaces, hire some gas heaters or place fire pits, fire drums or light the fireplace (venue permitting of course!). Consider a small marquee or pagoda for pre-drinks or ceremony with removable walls if it looks like it might rainy, windy, or super cold conditions. An easy thoughtful touch could be to remind your guests in advance to bring a jumper!

Image: Heart and Sea via Cosy & Modern Winter Wedding Inspiration

Image: Jason Valler and Heart and the Sea

Image: Heart and Sea via Cosy & Modern Winter Wedding Inspiration

Heartfelt touches

Make a little space at your ceremony or reception (like a table) for any special people who’ve passed away and couldn’t be present at your wedding but are there in your hearts. Sentimental touches like this make the day extra special for you and for your loved ones.

Image: Pip Cowley

Next week we tackle your reception and the aftermath, so stay tuned for Part 2: How to Host a Great Wedding: Reception & Recovery!