If you have never considered donning black tie, picking up a beautiful bouquet and your favourite pair of heels for your engagement session, then let this beautiful & chic coastal engagement session of Ezra and Willius change your mind.

Captured by Aliki Anadena Photography, the pair headed to the stunning setting of George Bass Coastal Walk, on Phillip Island for an engagement session, that truly summed up their life together. In bride to be Ezra’s words “We both love to be just free in the wilderness and sing along to songs, looking at the sky, looking at each other, laughing and talking.”

As for how these two came to be? We’re handing it over to Ezra for that one! “Willius was actually one of the first persons I met when I first arrived in Australia in January 2011! At that time, Willius was having a meeting with my sister and I was just tagging along as I did not know anyone. Nothing happened between us, except just knowing that “she was my friend’s sister” and “he was my sister’s friend”. We would talk casually whenever we saw each other at events or at church ever since.

It was not until 8 years later when we had lost contact for a while, that we saw each other again at a friend’s wedding. It was still a casual talk, but deep down, I thought he was charming and he thought I was stunning. A few months after the wedding, I visited for work, the city where he lived and he invited me for lunch. Our small and casual talks suddenly became deeper conversations, sharing interests and laughs.
That connection that we felt during a sunny day on the street, with coffee and brownie was what brought us together.”

On what she loves about her future husband Ezra shares “I love that Will is one of a kind. His mind is deep, yet so easing and refreshing. He makes me laugh and makes my days vibrant. He is patient and understanding, providing care in little things that I would not even think of. He has attention to details and has many talents.”

The proposal, was cosy, romantic and utterly “them” tells Ezra. “As we both loved to explore nature, Will planned this beautiful trip to Otway and hired a nice and comfortable villa in the nature.

Next to a fireplace after dinner, I was sipping my favourite whiskey, Will called my name and I turned to him and found him kneeling down on one knee.

He opened up the box and said “Just like at birth and at death, falling in love with you is as natural.” He stopped for a while and continued, “I love you, Eugene Ezra. Will you marry me?” Without hesitation, I answered “Of course, yes”.”

On what he loves about Ezra, Willius shares “Ezra is a passionate human being that always brighten up everything she puts her mind to it. Her love of old whiskey that is old enough to order itself a glass fascinates me. Her lame sense of humour that would put my dad jokes in a nursing home makes my soul laugh. Her love of the outdoors to seek odd places of tranquility gives me peace and calm during any storm that life throws at us.

We shared our love for writings, finding that words, are tools to put together the abstract feelings!”