Wedding surprises don’t get any cuter than this! Elise and Darren planned a gorgeous wedding ceremony at Brisbane’s Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens Lychee Lawn.

When guests arrived they were greeted with a stunning setting with a gold hexagonal arbour and fresh florals in classic shades of deep red, greenery and white, provided by the With Love – Brisbane Wedding Decorators team.

wedding ceremony Mt Coot-tha

To the complete surprise of the guests and the beautiful bride, the most special moment took place during their ceremony. When it came to exchanging the rings during their ceremony, the groom patted his pockets then turned to the best man, who patted his pockets, and turned to the next groomsman and so on… A perfectly choreographed, “Where are the wedding rings?”

Guests watched on curiously, unsure if this was a prank and hoping the rings hadn’t actually been forgotten.

Meanwhile, while Elise was watching this play out, the bride’s dad snuck off in the other direction, and returned with this new and super cute member of the bridal party. The cutest little ring bearer ever!

wedding puppy

Bride Elise, who had always wanted a sausage dog, squealed with excitement as she was gifted this super cute puppy and as you can see it was love at first sight.

cutest wedding surprise

dogs at weddings

And the super cute puppy, promptly named Kranksy, had the rings securely attached to his little collar. After lots of puppy cuddles, the rings exchange took place and the couple and new puppy parents were pronounced as husband and wife. What a very special surprise on a very special day.

To continue with the surprise puppy theme, and to add to the fun for the day, the couples’ family organised a bouquet toss, but instead of with a bouquet, they used a toy sausage dog (not Kranksy!).

Bride bouquet toss

fun wedding ideas

Bride bouquet ideas

Whether the guest who caught the toy puppy was the next to wed, or the next to own a puppy, was up for debate.

What an absolutely special day and congratulations to the happy newlyweds and new puppy parents.

Hexagon wedding arbour

Ms Floral: Best surprise ever! Thank you for sharing this adorable and special moment with us!

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