Dani & Mel’s Mornington Peninsula Love Session

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Dani & Mel

You know how much we can’t get enough of love around here, so when we get the chance to tell a love story? Oh, we’re so all over it. Today, it’s the story of Dani and Mel, captured in beautiful Flinders by Hayley Hickman.  These two lovers of beachside vibes making the most of documenting this frozen moment in time.

As for how the pair met, let’s hand it over to them to tell the story. “Dani and Mel were travelling to America at the same time in September 2014, but they had no idea who each other were until their mutual friends tried to set them up together.
Dani and Mel added each other on Facebook and spoke while overseas in America, but never met up as it wasn’t the right time for them. They still kept in contact over the years as friends, until they eventually met up properly in 2017. Both in relationships at the time, Mel & Dani remained friends who were always there for each other. In 2018, Dani & Mel met up again and this is where sparks started to fly. They just wanted to keep seeing each other and spending time together. The rest is history.”

“I love how much Dani makes me laugh.” shares Mel “She is my best friend and I know that no matter what, she will always be there to support me and motivate me in life. I love how much fun we always have together. Dani is beautiful and never fails to make me feel loved!”


On her love for Mel, Dani shares, “I love Mel’s caring personality, she has a heart of gold. We have very similar interests and the same sense of humour, which makes our relationship really special. I love travelling around the world with Mel and experiencing new things together, as we always have the best time. I know she always has my back and will never let me down. She’s also a great mum to our doggo. Mel is my favourite person!”

As for stories that make these two smile? Well there as that one time, in Canada! “One funny story is from when we were in Banff, Canada 2019.
Dani decided to wear her brand new shoes on a day of hiking. Upon arrival, it started raining so suddenly Dani didn’t want to go as her shoes may get ruined.. after driving half an hour to this destination, Mel was adamant to do this walk and implied that Dani should stop being a princess and get on with it. This did not go down well. After 5 minutes of silence and some eye-rolling, the rain cleared and the walk appeared to be paved…Dani’s shoes survived and as usual, Mel and Dani were back to their usual banter and laughs.”




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