What better way to celebrate a month of all things cocktail than a divine wedding in a cocktail bar?

Damien Milan Photography joined Hal and Kristine – and their three children as they spent the day together. You see, this was not a wedding solely about the happy couple, this was a wedding that was a true family affair. Hal and Kristine made sure to include their children in every moment of their day – from getting ready together to walking to the wedding together, and of course, celebrating together. A brilliant reminder that your wedding can be whatever you want it to be – as long as it’s true to you. This one? It’s got all the feel-good vibes we need this week.

Let’s set the scene with how Hal and Kristine first met, in the bride’s own words. “We had met on Hinge, and we had spoken for 10 hours per day for 3 days before we met for our first little coffee date. We met for an hour and told stories about our lives. From then on, we continued to see each other once a week for the next 3 months until suddenly we fell in love, and we haven’t been apart since. Hal has two beautiful girls, and I have one gorgeous little boy and now we are the perfect blended family full of love and adventure!”

Kristine and Hal’s favourite part of the day? Kristine says it was the time they spent together getting ready. “We all had McDonald’s breakfast, the boys played PlayStation while the girls got their hair done. Bowie had a packet of Nutrigrain that he wanted to hold in our family photos (lol).”

Kristine and Hal’s choice of photographer earned rave reviews. “Damien and Nastia were incredible! We couldn’t believe how well they captured the emotions of our day. The photos are so stunning and timeless.”

Hal and Kristine chose Sydney cocktail bar Kittyhawk for their one-stop venue. They chose to say their vows in the light-filled conservatory.

Kristine walked down the aisle with her son Bowie, hand in hand to “Heavy” by Birdtalker. This moment is Kristine’s favourite photograph of the day.

“Our ceremony was so raw and real,” notes Kristine, who together with Hal, chose Zoe Sabados – Marry Me Zoe to officiate proceedings. “Our children were very involved in the event. The girls prepared beautiful speeches where they outed Hal and his dating ways to everyone in the room (lol). There were many many many tears and so many beautiful words shared.”

“Zoe made our ceremony what it was, she transformed everything that we told her, into the most incredible love story. Everything felt so natural and FUN!”

An intimate sit down dinner, also at The Kittyhawk, was just what this family, and their friends needed to celebrate the nuptials.

The biggest of congratulations Hal & Kristine! Thank you for sharing your day with us. Thank you also to Damien Milan Photography for sharing today’s oh so stunning photography.