Blainy & Ryan

‘Sunset has to be one of the most magical times of day, so it makes sense that it was at dusk that Blainy and Ryan joined photographer Alice Andre on City Beach dog beach, for a wander along the sand. I think you’ll agree that the results, with that golden light, are just about the bee’s knees and just what we need to celebrate this pair’s love story.

It wasn’t an easy path on the road for these two to get together, explains Blainey. “Ryan messaged me on Instagram after a mutual friend suggested that we would be a great match. I ignored his messages for almost a month! And then after many attempts, I agreed to have lunch with him during my break at uni. As soon as I met Ryan I knew that I was going to fall for him, just the way he made me laugh.” Ryan adds “Yeah that’s basically right. Except it was definitely longer than a month… but I was always confident. Then after we met and had lunch, she ran away to catch the bus without even saying goodbye. We’ve been going from strength to strength ever since.”

“I love how considerate Ryan is with almost everything” notes Blainy. “He is very calm and collected which is just opposite to me, so I love that he keeps me grounded. I love how he is always open to learn more about my culture and the struggles I face as a woman of colour and always knows how to support me gracefully.”

Blainy recounts one of the funnier stories these to have shared together. “During our second date Ryan kept insisting he wanted to pay for dinner and I have always been the type of person who wants to pay 50/50 so when Ryan went to the toilet I quickly paid for the dinner and when he came back and discovered what I’d done he wasn’t too impressed.”

On his love for Blainy? Ryan shares “Blainy is a really interesting person to be around and is always challenging my thoughts and views on different things which is good because it keeps me on my toes. She’s a very strong-willed person and definitely isn’t afraid to voice her opinion or stand up for what she believes in which I respect a lot. It’s also nice to have another person constantly reminding me how funny I am (very funny).”