t’s a virtual toast to The Big Smoke” this June on Polka Dot Weddings as we launch The City Issue!

While beautiful gardens, rustic farms and picturesque wineries are indeed superb, as a true city slicker myself there is nothing more exciting than the energy and colour of the “concrete jungle.”

Who doesn’t love walking the mean streets of a bustling metropolis, getting squished on a subway, devouring street food or wreaking havoc in a department store?

Until we can once again (and we will, we will!) explore the bright city lights of, oh I don’t know, say Sin City? Mexico City? The City of Love…The City of Angels or Vatican City?… Let’s plan our visits and events in the big and little cities right here on our Aussie shores. After all, they are among the best and most liveable in the world.

Whether by sea or tucked inland, our cities are brilliant and they are reopening, needing us more than ever to strap on our sneakers, grab a map and get exploring.

The city vibe is a source of inspiration to art, culture, fashion, events, food and of course, weddings! We will look at urban menswear trends, the best city spots to have your photos taken and share our recommendations on exquisite venues right here in our local concrete jungles. Or maybe, you are seeking some respite from the hustle and bustle without leaving the hood? We also have you covered with parks and sanctuaries in the heart of the city.

And as always, we will feature the most stunning, elegant and hip real weddings set against that unmistakably exciting backdrop of a city skyline, where the twinkling lights of skyscrapers become your own personal festoon.

From warehouses to laneways, the sky(line) is the limit this June on Polka Dot Weddings. Follow all the fun here.