Irene & Terence

I am never going to deny the joy of a picnic on the beach, and for Irene & Terence who chose Anadena Photography to join them on a stroll along the sand to capture a memento of their life together.

The picnic, in all its stunning styled glory, was accompanied by beautiful paper pieces, created by Calligraphy by Biteblock and gorgeous linens from  Silk & Bramble.

It was friendship, and nothing more, that set the scene for the beginning of their relationship, tells Irene. “We met at university and were good friends but we thought of each other as too different back then to even be attracted romantically.” Graduation, seemed to sway the needle. “Then we started to hang out more after we graduated because he moved a bit closer and apply for jobs together. Out of nowhere, we both ended up falling for each other. Our friends were somehow not surprised by this though!”

“We are both dieticians and so naturally we are passionate about food. When Aliki came up with the styled beach picnic idea, we were excited about it and were definitely on board.” The pair also included special details, a hand-penned love letter from Terence to Irene, just one of many details of significance.

“I love how he does whatever he can to make sure that there is a lot of quality time for us. I love how well he listens to me, reassuring me when my worries overwhelm me,” tells Irene on what she loves about Terence.

On his love for Irene, Terence shares “I love how comfortable I am around her and the way she makes me laugh even when I don’t want to.”