When choosing a wedding cake, tradition can be thrown out the door. These days, couples are thinking of new and creative ways to treat their guests to something extra special and maybe even surprising in their wedding cake creations.
Here is some “food for thought” when it comes to creative cake creations.

  1.  Have your cake as dessert! Save the costs on dessert supplied by your venue and opt to use your yummy cake. And make it yours, something that reflects you as couple.
  2. Tiered cake vs desserts – tiered cakes do not have to mean having the same old tired mud cake, they are about being creative and choosing different flavours. You don’t have to have the same cake all the way through, multiple tiers means multiple cakes. Choose something that reminds you of your favourite treat as a child, or your favourite dessert as an adult. Lemon meringue pie, sticky date pudding, Golden Gaytime ice creams… The flavour options are never ending. But if it’s not a traditional cake you’re after, you can still have these creative flavours in mini cakes, cupcakes, or even donuts.
  3. You are only restricted by you imagination. Whatever you choose make it your own, match it to your wedding, rustic or elegant, boho or glam, white, rainbow or black and gold. It’s your day and the choice is yours.

Happy cake eating!

About Melina from Regnier Cakes: “As a child I was always a bit cake crazy, helping mum in the kitchen every chance I had. In grade 5 I entered my very first cake competition at my school fete. I selected the piggy cake from the famous Women’s Weekly cake book. To my surprise I won my first competition. After this I had a clear idea of what I wanted to do with my life.”