We’re all about the food during The Feast issue and we could not think of a better way, as we come to the close of November to talk food than to talk your reception menu, and in particular the fabulous food stations you need for your wedding.

Food stations or food bars are such an amazing idea for your wedding reception. From oysters bars to cheese tables, french fry stations and curry stations. This is all about serving up one type of amazing food with tasty toppings and beautiful styling.

Before we get into your options, let’s talk specifics. While it may seem like a fancy buffet, a food station or food bar is a little different. Firstly it focuses on just one food or flavour, which allows for less of a lineup than a traditional buffet. The setup is designed for guests to come and go as they please, customising their own plate to their own personal preferences. You could have a multitude of food stations during cocktail hour, or as an addition to the main reception meal or even something special for dessert.

Food stations can have a staff member or two cooking the dishes live, or just be completely self serve- it’s totally up to you and how “complicated” the serving of the item is- but make it fun, make it delicious and you’re going to have something completely unforgettable!

Oyster Bar

Catering by Ed Dixon Food Design Flowers by Cecilia Fox Photo by Tess Follett

Could there be anything more decadent then serving up an oyster bar at your wedding? Pile up tubs of the freshest oysters you can find and serve your favourite toppings (gin & tonic, shallot & red wine, champagne). You could even serve up oysters from different regions! Add bowls of fresh lemon wedges for guests to garnish and of course, tabasco sauce!

Catering by CNK Catering Photo by It’s Beautiful Here

Japanese Grill

Catering By Pot & Pan Culinary Tailoring

Why not consider your favourite international cuisine cooking station? We love the idea of a Japanese grill, allowing guests to pick their protein and their sauces and watch their food being cooked right in front of their eyes. How’s that for tasty theatre?

Popcorn & Pretzels Station

Catering by CNK Catering

Kid at heart? Why not serve up a station of popcorn, pretzels and other fun fast food? Provide the basics- freshly popped corn, fresh out of the oven soft pretzels, and share all the toppings and flavourings to give guests the chance to mix and match flavours.

Taco Station

Catering by Eat No Evil

A taco station is hands down, going to be a winner if you include this station at your wedding. Supply plenty of tortillas alongside hot steaming bowls of pulled pork, paprika crusted chicken, beer-battered fish and even prawns, Then allow guests to fill it up with cotija cheese, corn, coriander, salsa and pico de gallo. And of course, all of your favourite hot sauces too.

Smoking Staton

Catering By Pot & Pan Culinary Tailoring Photo by Tony Evans

The station above, filled with beautiful fresh smoked trout inspired the idea for a smoking station. This one will take a little more prep to give guests lots of choices, but beautifully smoked fish or meats, topped with their choice of marinade or garnish is a delicious option, especially for a wedding that embraces the countryside and all its rustic vibes.


Catering by Ed Dixon Food Design Photo by Ben Christensen

Cheese is always going to be a hit at a wedding, and for a long time we’ve seen cheese “Cakes. But what about cheese stations? Don’t just stick to one cheese, serve up plenty of beautiful ones from all around the world And the add-ons- quince paste, fresh grapes, nuts and crackers giving guests the chance to create their own gourmet cheese table.

Catering by Ed Dixon Food Design Photo by Ben Christensen

Suckling Pig

Photo by  Sophie Baker via Emily & Dan’s Relaxed & Handmade Gordon Country Wedding

A Chinese wedding banquet almost always starts with s suckling pig, and a suckling pig station is something really different, but tasty to bring to your wedding reception. Set out beautiful salads and sauces, for guests to dress their own plate. Add plenty of delicious soft white rolls for a DIY slider station too.

Hot Dogs or Burgers

Photo by Bohemian Prints via  Kate & Phil’s Rustic Bohemian Garden Wedding

A little old school fun comes in the form of a hot dog station. Serve out plenty of soft rolls with different kinds of gourmet sausages. But the most delicious part? The toppings. Set out different mustards, sauces, onions, and mayonnaise and bring to life a DIY dog experience.

Gin, Prosecco Or Spritz Bar

Catering by Pod Food Photo by All Grown Up Weddings via Alex & Greg’s Fun & Relaxed Canberra Wedding

I know this one isn’t food but we had to include it because it’s such a fun idea for cocktail hour. Pack your table full of glasses, your favourite alcohol (this idea works well with gin, prosecco and Aperol) and your mixers. Then? Load up bowls with fresh garnishes- juniper berries, strawberries, cucumber, orange slices and let guests mix their own delicious cocktail.

Catering by The Farm Cafe Photo by Kim Cartmell Weddings

Snack Station

Photo by Tin Drum via Gabrielle & Jordan’s Sweet Alowyn Gardens Celebration

Can’t decide what food you love the most? What about snacks? I love how this couple served up all their favourites- M &Ms, popcorn, burger crisps and guided guests to help themselves. If you can often be found raiding the cupboard, I think this food station is for you. Think your favourite chips, your favourite lollies, your favourite chocolate and load it all into big vessels with plenty of scoops and paper cups for guests to load up.

Dessert Table 

Catering by Ed Dixon Food Design Flowers by Flower Jar Photo by Ben Christensen

A dessert table is one of our favourites and such a brilliant way to end the event. A table laden with beautiful cakes, tarts, slices and pies is a delicious option. If your caterer or dessert maker isn’t commissioned for this task, ask if family and friends can make favourite biscuits cake and spices, or use their recipes to make your own. Alternate between big cakes, slices, and small bowls of creamy desserts to allow epic dessert options for your guests.

Catering by The Farm Cafe Photo by Sister Scout Studios

Catering by Roombas Photo by Wedding & Portrait Studio Melbourne


Catering by Victoria Park Photo by Marcus Bell of Studio Impressions via  Jane and Tin’s Luxurious Victoria Park Wedding

Dumplings are always a favourite and a dumpling station gives guests options to make their own feel-good feast. Dumplings can be steamed or pan-fried right in front of your guests and then they can top them themselves with fresh herbs, shallots and dipping sauces.

Sushi Station

Catering By Zest, Royal Motor Yacht Club Photo by  Florent Vidal Photojournalist via Amanda & Douglas’s Bright & Fun Point Piper Wedding

A sushi station is a great wedding friendly option, especially during the cocktail hour! Large platters of your favourite sushi rolls, alongside beautiful fresh sashimi, is such a treat for guests. Add little bowls of pickled ginger and of course, wasabi!


Catering by Bianco Latte Photo by Darin Collison Photography via Angela & Jonathan’s Simply Elegant Zonzo Estate Wedding

Delicious ice cream is the best kind of dessert, let’s face it. And this one is easy to turn into a station. Firstly, you’re going to need a lot of flavours, or a really amazing, decadent vanilla ice cream. Then the fun part- the toppings – sauces like chocolate, caramel, strawberry. And then- hundreds and thousands, wafers, lollies, honeycomb Milo…. Bring back childhood memories and help your guests go truly gourmet.

Curry Station

Catering By Zest, Royal Motor Yacht Club Photo by  Florent Vidal Photojournalist via Amanda & Douglas’s Bright & Fun Point Piper Wedding

Curry is a beautiful option for a more substantial dinner. A few of your favourite curries freshly cooked, served alongside banana dipped in coconut, different chutneys, fresh herbs, yoghurt based sauces is a great way to customise a meal easily for your guests.

Want even more food station ideas? Take your pick

  • Waffle station
  • Fondue station (cheese and chocolate!)
  • Charcuterie station
  • Peking duck station
  • Noodle station
  • Burger station
  • Pasta station
  • Dosa station
  • Crepe station
  • Raclette station
  • Grilled cheese station
  • French fry station
  • Bacon station
  • Mezze station
  • Ceviche station
  • Pho station