I’m sure you’ve heard a lot about México – picturesque ancient ruins, tequila fuelled parties and Day of the Dead. However, what you may not know is that Mexico is a dream honeymoon destination for any food lover, or that the food – incredible, mouth-watering food – can be found throughout the entire country.

And I’m not talking about Tex Mex, but rather real Mexican food from traditional Mexican soups, to street tacos, to modern food markets offering local and foreign cuisine. Honeymooners travelling through México can be guaranteed one thing- you may return with a little extra love weight, but you will have eaten some of the best food in your life and will have zero regrets.

Destination 1: Cancún, Quintana Roo
We begin our trip in Cancún, the infamous city well known for its pristine beaches and exhilarating nightlife. Cancún is the perfect place to begin your honeymoon, whether you want to party together or relax poolside with bottomless margaritas. Like most coastal cities, the seafood in Cancún is incredible, and the biggest reason to make this a stop on your honeymoon.

Top of the menu is Ceviche – a refreshing dish of fish cured in citrus juice. Although it originated in Peru, Ceviche is popular in México, where they have perfected their own variation of the dish. It is tangy and light, and best enjoyed by the water with your new husband/wife and some chilled Coronas. You can find Ceviche all over Cancún, but you will want the best Ceviche. In a city full of tourists, your best bet? Go where the locals go.

Destination 2: Tequila, Jalisco
Yes that’s right, Tequila. Not the drink, but the town it comes from. While tequila distilleries are a huge reason for visiting this area, the local eateries are equally as inviting. Offering regional and traditional Mexican soups and stews such as Pozole and Birria, Tequila is the perfect town for a late lunch – particularly after a morning of distillery taste testing.

La Fonda Cholula serves both Pozole and Birria, plus many other dishes made of agave, the native local plant used to make tequila. Their food is hearty, rich in flavour and almost nostalgic, like they’re family recipes made with love by your great grandma.

To make La Fonda Cholula even better, they serve what may just be the best guacamole in México. A waiter will bring an excessively large mortar & pestle to your table and smash the avocados right in front of you. Plus, you’ll get personalise your guac by choosing from a delectable assortment of mix ins. For an unexpected twist try adding mango, you’ll both love it.

Destination 3: Mérida, Yucatán
While Mérida isn’t one of the most well known cities in México, it should be. It has some of the most impressive architecture in all of México and is just a short drive from numerous stunning Cenotes. After a long day of honeymooning, you’ll both need a good bite to eat. So what happens if you and your new husband/wife can’t decide what kind of food you want?

A romantic walk through the charming streets of Mérida will lead you to Mercardo 60, a modern outdoor food market made up of 18 mini restaurants like Poncho & Chel’s and EL Diez Millo. The market offers all sorts of cuisine, from Japanese to modern Mexican, Italian to hamburgers and BBQ, satisfying all appetites and removing any need for compromise. You’ll only need to decide whether you’ll be sharing dessert or having one each.

Destination 4: Guanajuato City, Guanajuato
No honeymoon feast is complete without drinks, and there is no better way to celebrate being newlyweds than with a shot of mezcal – a Mexican spirit also made from agave. After a day spent creating memories in the dreamy rainbow streets of Guanajuato, head to the cosy underground bar Mezcalito.

Here you can both sample countless different flavour infusions of mezcal. And since mezcal is typically drunk straight and not mixed, just a handful of flavours and you’ll be ready to salsa dance together for the rest of the night. However pay close attention to mezcal bottle, if your shot is the last in the bottle, you may find yourself eating a scorpion.

Destination 5: México City, México
Finally we end our trip in México City. Like any other capital, México City does not disappoint. A honeymooner’s dream city, it offers experiences suitable for any couple. Whether it be exploring Aztec ruins in the Templo Mayor, learning art history in Frida Kahlo’s House or chilling out with a cerveza and your own private mariachi on a floating boat at Xochimilco. No matter what’s in your itinerary, sampling street food is a México City must do.

Street vendors selling tacos, tortas and elotes are scattered through every corner of the city – meaning good food is always in sight. For the newlyweds looking to slow things down a little, a walk through Chapultepec Park is just what you need. The park is idyllic, with impressive monuments and lush gardens. Chapultepec Park also happens to have the best tacos al pastor in México city. Tasty pork loaded with the freshest chilli and onion, these tacos are everything you’d want them to be – simple, fresh and heavenly. Simply pick a taquería and ask for “tacos al pastor, por favor.”

Ms Zebra Says: Mexico is a great place and very interesting – not to mention the incredible food! Thanks for the recommendations!

Hannah is a writer and traveler based in New South Wales. She began as a poetry and prose writer, and has since expanded into travel writing to combine both passions. In her spare time, you’ll find her hiking and soaking up the sun in the south coast, or binging the latest award worthy television and film.