Image by Benedict Sutton

So you’ve decided that your special day is going to be set amongst bohemian tropical surrounds, with the sun, sand and the ones you love as the backdrop. However, now you’re wondering how to make sure that your attire lives up to the luxe feel of the day. Here are a few things to consider when going from Barefoot to Black Tie.

Easy and Breezy

Tropical Weddings are all about lightness and ease, so when choosing the right suit or outfit, consider garments which are softly constructed with minimal bulk and padding. Think jackets with lightweight interlinings, ever so slightly fuller cuts and unpadded shoulders. This lightweight approach goes a long way in making you relaxed, yet sophisticated, sans the stuffiness of heavy cloths, pads and structure.

This approach lends itself to not only looking ever so breezy on your special day and feeling like you’re wearing nothing at all, especially if you’re going barefoot – but gives you the opportunity to play with creative cloths, tones and textures.

Sandy Tones and Ocean Blues

When going for the tropical look, it can be easy to overthink and overdo the outfit. Our best advice is to draw from the tones, colours and textures of your setting and climate. You’re going to be on a striking, sandy beach being gently baked by the sun, so why can’t your outfit pick up on the beauty around you and complement the setting?

We’re big fans of off-white, tobacco and beige linens or cottons, which through their crunchy textures and earthy tones, complement the jovial atmosphere of the event. These cloths are so easy to pair with groomsmen and bridesmaids looks and the best part is, if styled appropriately, they can be worn post-wedding as separates to sharpen up your casual attire.

Another alternative is to go for a gentle ocean look, using colours such as baby or ice blues. They are a great way to play on the tones of the sea, keeping within the realm of your traditional blues and navy while ensuring that there’s a freshness which sets you apart from the run of the mill wedding look.

Tropical Penguin Suits (Black Tie)

For those wanting to embrace the bohemian lifestyle but not compromise on the gravity of the day, wearing a black-tie ensemble can be one of the most graceful ways to get hitched. Go tropical and play with interesting cloth choices to add some depth to an otherwise conservative outfit – no penguin suits here! Opt for a classically styled peak lapel Tuxedo in a black Irish linen, which to the untrained eye maintains all the styling hallmarks of a dashing Tuxedo but introduces some of your carefree personality, while allowing air to pass through, thanks to its openly woven properties.

You could even opt for a super-luxurious off-white shawl lapel dinner jacket in a playful wool and silk seersucker cloth and you’ll be the envy of all your guests and a hit with the photographer! Pair this with gorgeously dry black lightweight wool trousers and this modern interpretation of the epitome of traditional attire is sure to last the testament of time, even after you look back on your wedding photos 20 years down the track!

About REMY: Remy is tailoring that is made for each individual, that serves their particular need in the best possible way, with the least amount of fuss. Devoid of anything unnecessary we think the simplest set up done right is far more impactful than a lot of everything thrown together. We create garments made in the most technologically advanced workshops in the world, with the best possible fibres from weavers to craft a garment that’s not only exceptional in fit and finish but also in value.