Damon Hughes by Rick Liston

Dear Polka Dot Grooms.

There are about 20 minutes before the love of your life appears at the end of the aisle when you might be.. well… pooping yourself. All eyes are on you, you’ve got vows whizzing through your head, you can’t remember if it’s left over right or right over left and either way there’s a little bit of sweat on those palms.

However, breath easy gentleman, according to four of Melbourne’s finest and most stylish male celebrants, those pesky prenuptial nerves are not only totally natural but totally normal.

So ‘Man to Man’, here are Melbourne’s top male celebrants’ top tips for the groom on his big day. And they’ve thrown in their favourite groom style for fun.

Damon Hughes

If you could give the groom one tip on his wedding day, what would it be?

Be present. Your wedding day goes by so fast, so do everything you can to try to slow it down. Breathe deeply, look around, soak it all in. Take each moment as it comes – whether that’s standing there looking out at your family during your ceremony, reading your vows to your partner, catching up with old friends during the reception or listening to your parent’s speech – give each moment your full attention.

What’s your favourite groom style?

The best style is whatever style a groom feels most comfortable in. You don’t want to feel like you’re wearing a costume on your wedding day (unless you’re literally wearing a costume, of course) – you just want to be the best-dressed version of yourself. So I like any look that reflects the groom’s personality. Whether that’s chinos or a suit, cocktail or black tie, socks or no socks, bright colours or muted tones,

The ‘no tie’ look is one that I’ve recently come to appreciate. I think your pocket square and/or lapel flowers become much more important without a tie there to add a point of interest.

Photo by Corey Wright Photographer

Damon Hughes: As a younger modern celebrant I’m usually more focused on how a wedding feels than how it looks. The tailoring, the flowers and all the other pretty details are great – but what I’m all about is creating a unique sense of occasion and festive party vibes through cheeky humour and heartfelt words. If my grooms are also well-dressed, that’s a bonus. Facebook Instagram

Anthony Cribbes:

If you could give the groom one tip on his wedding day, what would it be?

I think it’s a general piece of advice that goes with the whole wedding, just enjoy what’s happening. Keep things nice and relaxed and try not to overthink things, whatever is going to happen on your big day is going to happen. Life’s not about perfection it’s about enjoying what is around you. Trust that your suppliers have your back to make sure your day will be everything you wanted it to be.

Image of Erhan by Jai of Free The Bird Wedding Photography 

What’s your favourite groom style?

I don’t mind a bit of personality, so I think I really do sit on either end of the spectrum. I like a classic look but I also don’t mind if people choose a bit of flair. For me, it’s a skinny black tie look, or then why not rock a velvet jacket or even choose something in line with your cultural heritage?

Image of Pro by Fitch Zhang of Eyesonme Photography 

Anthony Cribbes: I became a marriage celebrant to fulfil my mission to help make weddings what they’re meant to be – a celebration! A celebration of how two totally awesome people found each other and true love. This means banishing boring, scripted, heard-it-all-before ceremonies and creating a celebration of each individual couple, with plenty of fun, laughter, touching moments and happy tears.

Matt Finch

If you could give the groom one tip on his wedding day, what would it be?

If we’re talking suits; dress to the season: If it’s mid-summer, don’t wear a heavy 3 piece suit, you’ll sweat like a maniac!  And always bring a second shirt to change into for the reception.

What’s your favourite groom style?
A groom who is prepared to be a little more bold and creative. For one day, step out of your comfort zone and don’t be too generic. Wear a bit of colour or a jacket with a little character.

Matt Finch: I’m the type of celebrant who wants to sit down with you both to dig a little deeper to find the gold to make your ceremony truly all about you; so we can be sure your wedding if full of humour and soul. My aim is to make your guests walk away saying “That’s the best wedding I’ve ever been to!

Benn Stone

If you could give the groom one tip on his wedding day, what would it be?

That it is totally normal and natural to be nervous on the big day! Check the lapel flowers are hanging straight, hair is on form, breath is good and the fly is done up. And then just relax and wait for the love of your life. Be present, trust yourself. You got this!

What’s your favourite groom style?

I like fun, mix match jackets, loafers, three-quarter pants, cool bow ties and just your own sense of style! Sometimes that’s thongs on a beach, others it’s black tie or cool velvet with patent leather. I do love authentic culture and the Indian Kurta with a hanging sword. That has a spot among my favourites! The Irish Kilt complete with no undies can’t go wrong.

Image by Benn Stone

Benn Stone: aka Melbourne Cityside Celebrant  is the finest purveyor of modern, fun & people orientated ceremonies on planet earth.