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With a million and one things to plan, choose and organise for your wedding day, the page boy’s outfit can often be a last minute, hasty decision. Here we explore the popular wedding themes and some groovy page boy options for each.
But first and foremost, little ones must be comfy in their outfit. An irritating outfit will most likely result in uncooperative behaviour and let’s face it, kids are unpredictable enough as it is! Think about the weather and dress them appropriately. Too many layers on a hot day could spell disaster for the mini members of your wedding party.
The outfit should also tie in with the colour and style of your wedding but does not necessarily need to match exactly, as long as the general look and feel is similar. If you have multiple page boys and need matching outfits in different sizes, be sure to plan ahead as this can limit your choices.

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Think mythical and enchanted, romantic and laid back, outdoors and earthy. Something non-traditional is definitely key here. An eclectic mix of vintage and rustic pieces will work perfectly. Hats should definitely be considered and some good options are fedora, bowler or newsboy hats.
The boho page boys below fit the bill perfectly. The black denim shorts have been rolled up for the laid back vibe, their shirts are an unexpected slight shade of pink, the denim vests are uber cool, the bow ties quirky and their hats top the look off perfectly.

Image via Óscar Companioni

A light and breezy approach is perfect for a beach wedding. Think linens, khaki and stone, seersucker and linen. Barefoot is a great option, even if it’s just to get a little sand between the toes (but keep in mind it might be a challenge to get the shoes back on!). Hats look great as well as being practical but opt for a straw trilby or panama hat that’s light weight and breathable.

Image by Figure Pictures via Vanessa & Rodney’s Intimate & Rustic Newrybar Wedding

Waistcoats, braces and bow ties all make perfect vintage accessories. Braces are the more relaxed choice and can also be very useful in holding up those pants that are a little too big and keep shirts in check! They look equally amazing teamed with either a grandpa shirt or a collared shirt and bow tie.
Waistcoats instantly smarten up a simple shirt, while still looking more casual than a blazer. They can match the pants or be in complete contrast and work in with the colour of the shoes or tie.
Bow ties always evoke an old world charm and anything goes in terms of patterns and fabrics, whether it be floral, plaid, velvet or stripes. And you can’t go past a newsboy or drivers cap for the vintage (and the cuteness!) factor.

 Image via Shot From The Heart Photography

In terms of colour and fabric, greys, navy, stone and brown are great and textures such as tweed, houndstooth and velvet work a treat.

 Image via Shot From The Heart Photography

Contemporary & glamorous
Think black and white, tuxedoes and patent leather. You want the page boy’s look to be super slick to tie in with this elegant yet edgy theme. You can’t go wrong with a classic tuxedo with a crisp white shirt. If the vibe is a bit more directional throw in a brightly coloured bow tie or shirt and a black fedora.

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A traditional wedding is generally a classic formal occasion, observing many of the standard wedding traditions. A colour rather than alternative details will often mark the theme of the wedding. With this in mind, a traditional navy or black suit is the best choice for your page boy. A traditional groom will most likely wear a suit jacket however the page boy can still get away with a matching waistcoat and pants. A tonal tie teamed with a white or light blue shirt is a pretty safe option.

 Image via Shot From The Heart Photography

An outdoor wedding will always have a bit more of a casual feel. There is an abundance of greenery and an emphasis on fresh florals and garlands.
For a summery feel pageboys can wear chino shorts or pants, braces and bow ties. A floral bow tie can be a great option but anything goes when it comes to bow ties so don’t be afraid to be daring.
Stick with navy, blue or neutral tones that are harmonious with the landscape.

 Image via Shot From The Heart Photography

This long standing and popular theme lends itself to a natural colour palette and generally does not get into monochromatic or bright shades. Wood, hessian, lace, foliage and un-manicured florals are all synonymous with this theme and the vibe is generally relaxed.
When choosing your page boy outfits go for earthy tones and muted colours into deep jewel tones for accessories. For a particularly casual wedding the page boy could wear denim jeans teamed with a waistcoat and tie. A more dressy outfit might include a linen shirt in a natural shade and tan or stone chinos. If opting for a hat go with straw or felt and keep the colours earthy.

Ms Zebra Says: Ahh they are just TOO cute! These different suit themes definitely suit all different styles of wedding and allow the little people to comfy but stylish whilst doing their walk down the aisle!

About Small Smarts: It was founded by Melbourne Mum of 3, Helen Warden, who launched the brand after identifying a gap in the Australian market – and perhaps more significantly – to play her part in sustainable fashion. Given children grow out of their outfits almost as quickly as they grow into them, offering a rental service for designer outfits makes a whole lot of sense.