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Why choosing ‘ethical catering’ is the best approach
How lucky are we that we live in a world where we’re spoilt for choice? Different restaurants, a variety of cuisines and many food styles for the parties we throw. When it comes to planning our weddings, initially – we are so excited, but often, the reality of choice sets in and we can, quite quickly, feel overwhelmed and stressed.

The sheer amount of work to do in deciding which people to bring on board to fit the vision means hours of research and so many conflicting ideas and offerings. But, imagine this; a condensed supplier list filled to the brim with good people and wholesome businesses so you never have to worry about paying ‘wedding prices’.
Yes – they do exist – they are your ethical suppliers. You just need to learn how to find them.

What makes an ethical caterer
An ethical caterer has a passion for taking responsibility for the resources they use and making that their inspiration for their business. It isn’t easy! But the waste-free movement has inspired so many conscious changes in the catering world and now couples are getting a more authentic offering.
Being ‘ethical’ is all about the decision to be conscious of the consumer power you have in hosting a wedding.

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Choosing an ethical caterer
There are many aspects to selecting an ethical caterer and many can be personal reflections of your relationship and values. We’ve broken ‘ethical’ in the catering space into a few different interpretations and perhaps you’ll see a few of your own values speak through them.

Zero Waste
Knowing a business is focused on reducing or completely removing their waste is a very hot topic at the moment. Do they opt for minimizing single use, or choose reusable over compostable, and how do they order to ensure food isn’t discarded if not prepared? Do you feel passionate about leftovers going to homeless shelters or are you extremely anti straw? Ask the question and challenge your caterers to step into a zero waste zone.

What better way to get the day of your dreams than looking for a business who welcomes adaptability and revels in designing unique experiences alongside you. You work with a team who cares about you and your guests experience, pays attention to your favourite dishes and is delighted to whip up the meal you had on your first date.

Do they get excited to use lamb from your family farm and love finding ways to incorporate Uncle Mack’s cakes into their grazing tables? Ditch cookie cutter and have a team who supports, and fights, for what is uniquely you.

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Supporting Local
If you care about supporting local economies, find a business whose supply chain includes other local businesses. By simply asking how they choose their suppliers, can reveal a lot about how local their values are. Local also means there are less carbon food miles used to produce your dishes and you’ll be eating peak season produce as they’ll be buying from the area they are based.

At a time of drought for Australian farmers, booking a local caterer gives you all the feels knowing you are supporting the men and women who work so hard to produce our food.

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Business for Purpose
B Corp businesses have to go through a rigorous certification process to say they are a business for purpose. They meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, they have full public transparency, and uphold legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.

No ‘wedding prices’ here. You know these businesses remain honest, good and deliver just what you ask for.

By staying true to what is right for you, you’ll form your own ethical approach to your wedding and it will make the hunt for your wedding tribe much easier. Take the time to reflect on what is ethical to you and seek what resonates. Your research will be done in a few quick calls and you’ll go back to feeling happy, peaceful and free to marry the one you love.

Ms Zebra Says: After featuring so many fantastic eco-wedding ideas last month, it’s certainly made me think twice about where everything is coming from! Catering is no different and I think it’s great what Dan the Man Cooking are doing in the market! Thanks for this great piece.

About Brooke Mills, Event Planner at Dan the Man Cooking: Dan The Man Cooking are an ideas-driven event catering company turning local, seasonal, and lesser known produce into dishes that feed your heart and rock your radishes. They create deliciously bold food, all whilst encompassing a zero waste mindset; taking responsibility for the resources they use. They are the only caterer in Australia that is B Corp certified, and they have an in-house eco-ethical event planner, making them the only stop for those planning an occasion with purpose.