Cocktail Friday – Champagne & Basil Popsicles

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Ms Polka Dot

I knew that for proposal month I wanted to play with champagne popsicles, because what better way is there to celebrate? Imagine my distress when I realised pure champagne popsicles would actually be incredibly hard to freeze solid! Never fear, champagne actually works deliciously with lemon and fresh basil and our homemade simple syrup, (which is SO very easy)!!


For basil simple syrup:

Two cups of fine (caster) sugar

One cup of water

4-5 Fresh basil leaves

For popsicles

Fresh Basil Leaves


One part lemon juice

One part basil simple syrup

One part champagne


For basil simple syrup:

In a saucepan over low heat, combine water and sugar. Stir until sugar dissolves and add basil leaves to the hot syrup. Leave to cool (and leave even longer for a stronger flavour)

For popsicles

  1. Combine simple syrup with lemon juice and champagne in a jug and stir well
  2. Place a few fresh basil leaves in the bottom of your moulds
  3. Top with your lemon champagne mixture
  4. Freeze


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