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When we think of Italian grazing tables, abundance always springs to mind. Shady trees, rustic tables and chairs, lots of family and friends and above all laughter, red wine and great food. Tables groaning with homemade salamis, cheeses and pickled goods – helping ourselves to the feast, and shielding ourselves from the summer sun. What better way to spend a lazy afternoon or provide for your guests in a wedding feast.

Today our friends at Your Private Chef have shared this wonderful Italian-inspired catering shoot with us for our dedicated Italian Month. Feast your eyes on the long tables filled the most delectable cheeses, fruits, meats, breads (the list goes on!). Be inspired to create something similar for your wedding celebrations or simply hand over the reigns to Your Private Chef have them set up something equally as stunning and delicious for you.

Wedding Antipasto grazing table by your private chef019At Your Private Chef we love all things Italian. In fact our Executive Chef and Co-Founder, David Kolembus trained in Melbourne’s best Italian restaurants and his menus have a distinctly Italian flair to them. And what says Mediterranean more than a rich display of grazing platters styled impeccably on a hardwood banquet table? Our Italian themed grazing table of course.

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An antipasto grazing table is the epitome of the saying ‘eat with your eyes’ and so the first rule is to make sure it looks opulent, layered and generous. Give your table height and texture by using pillars of various heights to stand platters on and long native foliage to create a ‘bed’ for your platters. We definitely recommend placing all your edibles on platters. We see so many tables on Instagram with food directly on the table and we feel not only is this not very hygienic, it is also not very practical for an event. Once your guests start grazing, platters make it easy to refill as needed and tidy up. Check out this video of a table we did recently. This was at least 30 mins into the reception and you can see how neat the table still looks, even though it has a ‘deconstructed look’ about it.

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We love to use wooden grains and big bread sticks for our props. We even use vintage books and acorns, fresh fruit and other interesting textures to get people’s eyes excited for the feast. We love a table that looks almost regal, fit for a Roman Empire!

Wedding Antipasto grazing table by your private chef029

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For larger groups and if space permits, place your banquet table in the centre of your room so guests can eat from all sides. Take care to create a symmetrical and balanced look for the position of your platters, You can get ‘organic’ with how you place your food on the platters, but having a balanced foundation does give that professional edge to your table. Allow yourself enough time to do this so you can enjoy the styling and not feel pressured. And remember to choose the best ingredients possible. At its heart, antipasto is actually very simple. So choose beautiful artisan breads, cheeses, cold cuts and marinated delicacies that will satisfy and warm your guests hearts and bellies as they arrive for your party.

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About Your Private Chef: When every last detail needs to be utterly perfect you can completely rely on Your Private Chef Catering & Events to provide an unforgettable gourmet food experience with exceptional service. Your Private Chef delivers unforgettable wedding catering – Melbourne style – fusing fresh flavours with the best ingredients to suit all budgets.

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