Simon and I got engaged at the end of 2016 at Clos Du Val, a winery in Napa Valley, California. While there were so many magical aspects of the engagement, the ability to simultaneously hear my family scream with excitement on the phone, and yet still be able to enjoy the “love bubble” with some distance from the whole other side of the world thing, for a month was the best bit. When Simon and I started thinking about our wedding and our “theme”, it wasn’t colours, or genres that came to mind, it was more of a feeling. We wanted our wedding to be chock-full of love, involving people we love any way we could and wanting it to feel like us.

We both grew up in the Adelaide Hills, so it almost felt like a crime to not have our wedding in there. We stumbled across the remote, glorious, humble Tupelo Grove Nursery and somehow charmed the owners to let us have our ceremony there. We had already pulled a favour with some family friends to shoot some family and couple photos prior to the ceremony at a garden in Stirling – so it seemed perfect. Following finding a ceremony location, the reception location was easy – keeping things in Mylor, we chose to have our reception at Mylor Hall – your classic small town hall, complete with Queen Liz on the wall, a pool table, vintage tea cups and velvet curtains.

Once we had those details locked in, our major big ticket item was photography. Luckily, I was mates with the brilliant Elle DS Photography, and was a long time lover of her work, so it was a win/win to have her there to celebrate with us, and capture our day. Elle’s sister, Genevieve Dawson Scott, went to school with me, and when I found out she was a celebrant, we couldn’t help but think it was the “f” word (aka fate!). With the two ridiculously talented sisters on board, our tribe had begun.

When it came to a bridal party, our main desire was to include our furbaby, Basi, involvedl – our cocker spaniel and light in our lives. We also wanted to include our niece and nephews. Our niece and nephew were styled in outfits by Bardot Jr, and Basil was styled by a homemade outfit we picked up in New Orleans when we continued with our “engagement-moon”. As for the bride and groom outfits, we never wanted something “traditional” and wanted us to look like “us on our best day”.  Simon wore a colourful outfit from Myer, complete with a pink floral shirt, green blazer and chinos. As for my  “dress” – I had my eye on Needle and Thread gowns for ever, and I was in love with their beaded florals. I knew I didn’t want to go full length, as I trip over my own feet and wanted to be able to dance the night away. I completed my outfit with a veil from The Fitting Room and shoes from Django and Juliette which again, where flat because of my tendency to fall over/be a complete klutz.  I really took the “treat yo self” approach to being a bride, and had nail art by Little Loves Beauty, make up by Gemma Vendetta and as for my something blue, I had my mother’s blue ring she wore at her wedding and blue roses in my hair. We got our wedding rings from some second hand shops in New York – both rose gold to match my antique rose gold – garnet engagement ring.


Other details were quickly allocated to our dear friends and family. We had friends design our invitations, do our signage, make our cake, do the brides hair, made our arbour, our outdoor games, DJ for the night, decorate, make desserts – we really took the whole “it takes a village” theme to the next level. Some our dear friends who just happen to be winemakers (because are there ever better friends than wine makers?) made all our wine for the night – creating our personalised “Lauren and Simon” mix, that we can continue to drink and enjoy for our many years to come. Even us, the bride and groom got mega involved, with the groom brewing beer for the ceremony in honour of his dad, and using his beloved Volvos and the bride making sweet treats and living out the dream of being a florist in making flower arrangements. It made our wedding so much more special, intimate and authentic knowing that it was literally made and created by those who love us the very most.

Let’s talk food. Unbelievable grazing table by Gather and Graze by Bre which was devoured! We had all night long wood oven pizza’s from Two Fat Blokes, and then a mega wedding cake + homemade sweets and treats for everyone to enjoy. The team at Lovemittie managed our bar and ensured that everyone enjoyed the lovingly made beverages!

Despite using and abusing our friendships and calling in ALL our IOU’d favours, some things we did have to pull professionals in for. The “village” was kindly and brilliantly directed and managed seamlessly on the day by our on the day coordinator Gemma and here team at One of a Kind Weddings and Events. The bridal parties’ florals and some of the flowers were beautifully put together with love and kindness by The Rose and Radish flowers. We had a rocking photo booth by Snap Snap, and tried to avoid family and friends from being electrocuted by pulling in Olympic Party hire to work out lighting. Our ceremony was furnished by the amazing handmade/sourced team at The Hills Vintage Event company. We also thought we would save our relationships with our generous friends and family by hiring a cleaner for after the reception, which is perhaps the best wedding decision we made – as Adelaide After Party Service were just next level helpful.


Everyone’s wedding is special, as was ours. What made our day special to us was being able to included everyone in our day, and feeling like it was our village coming together to help us celebrate, which we were so damn grateful for. My biggest wedding advice? Keep it you and when people offer to help – include them – the more the merrier.

Ms Zigzag says: Thank you the the beautiful Lauren and Simon for sharing their day with us. It’s really so special to involve your loved ones in all aspects of the wedding. We wish you a very happy every after!