Kate & Will

I found myself so drawn to the gorgeous vibe of today’s sweet handmade forest wedding. The setting was like something out of a childhood storybook – pom-poms strung from the trees, lush green trees and sparkling festoon lights. Then, of course, there is the polka dot wedding dress, handmade by the bride’s aunty which is every bit as beautiful as it sounds. We Are All Stardust was there to capture the day in all of its polka dot, handmade glory and I can’t wait to share it!

It has been a long time coming for the couple, who spent much of their relationship apart. “We met at high school, and after leaving school had six years of long distance (NSW to WA) while we got started in our respective careers. Our wedding was a chance to celebrate being able to finally live together!” they explain.

Kate and Will married at the bride’s parents’ property, explaining “We were very fortunate to be able to get married at Kate’s parents’ property. This is a special place, where Kate grew up and where we have spent a lot of happy time together. We got married under a tree in a natural forest setting, and continued the celebrations in the garden.”

Kate and Will walked into their ceremony together.

Kate and WIll chose Vanessa Ord to officiate the ceremony, explaining “Our celebrant was Vanessa Ord, a long-term family friend and Dwellingup neighbour. She did a wonderful job of creating a very personal and heartfelt service which had many of the guests (and Will) wiping their eyes. We wrote our own vows which were a surprise to each other on the day.

We included a reading from Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, words about love, and some wise words on marriage from the Dalai Lama. We also included a ‘warming of the rings’ in which our parents passed the rings between them prior to the exchange, sending a loving thought to them.”

The bride’s aunty Susie Vickery made her wedding dress, and even decorated the bride’s shoes! She explains “My aunt is a very talented textile artist, who generously agreed to create a unique dress for the day. After a ‘window shopping’ expedition to try different styles with all the aunts and in-laws-to-be, and many hours of “Pinteresting” together, Susie designed a dress that included all of our favourite elements. She sourced some beautiful fabrics in London, including antique lace created during the Irish potato famine as an income generation project for poor women and children, and some luxurious polka-dot chiffon.

We did fittings in my grandmother’s sewing room and had a great time. Susie also decorated my shoes to match and made Will a tie from the same silk which formed the base of my dress. Part of the lace bodice was removable for a slightly different look later in the evening. I was so delighted with the dress and felt so comfortable in it all day, but also treasure the memories that Susie and I made together along the journey of creating it.”

Of their photographer, Kate and Will tell “We were recommended our photographer, Nat Brunovs, from another photographer. Right from the start Nat was really contactable and was able to offer little tips and advice that helped some of our decision making (this was our first time doing this!!). Nat told us that the more comfortable we got around her, the better the photos would be. This was evident on the day where she was able to take amazing candid photos, especially of a groom who doesn’t love having his photo taken!”

Carefully considered details like heirloom jewellery were dotted throughout the day “Kate wore a bracelet that had been her grandmother’s, and in the evening wore her mother’s crystals and grandmother’s antique rabbit stole. Will’s grandmother gifted us the silver cake knife and server they used for their 25th wedding anniversary.”

As many details as possible where handmade, Kate explaining “We DIY’ed as much as we could, with lots of help from our families and friends. For example, my father created the stump tables for the signing in the ceremony, as well as the temporary dance floor and the fancy bush loos; ceremony and reception furniture were borrowed and gifted from around town, garden and table decorations and signage were all handmade by family and friends.”

The night sky was filled with the sounds of jazz tunes of Ben Matthews. “We had a live instrumental jazz band who set the mood as guests were arriving and as the reception got started. They even played happy birthday for Kate’s grandmother, who had generously agreed to share her birthday! After that the dancing began” explain the couple.

Congratulations on your marriage Kate and Will! Thank you for sharing the stories of your day with us! Thank you also to We Are All Stardust for sharing today’s beautiful day!