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Caz Pringle

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For many guys, it can be a daunting task finding a style that reflects their personality on their wedding day. Sometimes a traditional dinner suit just won’t cut the mustard. What if Mr. Right feels most at home in dusty boots on the side of a mountain? Or up on stage in their killer Cuban heels? What if the feel of sand between his toes and the soothing sounds of the ocean are part of the essence of his being? What if he proudly dons a sharp suit every day to and from the office? A wedding is supposed to be his day too and the right look can help make the groom feel special, and himself, on the big day.

To address this conundrum, we chat to Chris Edwards, the co-founder and managing director of Australian suit connoisseurs Oscar Hunt – who take their inspiration from maestros and mavericks, not magazines – and break down four looks for the non-traditional groom: the adventurer, the surfer, the rocker and the classic.

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What do you find is the most important thing guys look for in a suit for their wedding day?

The fit. It’s an important day and if the suit doesn’t fit correctly then the groom/groomsmen will be conscious of it. The correct fit also means that the suit will be comfortable. It won’t feel tight or restrictive – certainly important when nerves come into play! Finally, a well-fitting suit is a timeless suit. It will look as good in thirty years’ time as it did on the wedding day. Correct fit plays into correct proportions, and correct proportions never go out of favour in terms of style.

How much time should guys allow for in order to find suits for themselves and their groomsmen?

It takes us 6 weeks to construct a suit for our clients. For our wedding clients we like to allow an extra 2-4 weeks just to take the stress out of the process. You don’t want to be picking up your suit on the morning of the wedding!

Image by Abigail Varney 

Accessories! What can guys add to make their look more interesting?

There’s a lot you can do here!! We are seeing suspenders play more of a part in wedding looks. We like this because a pair of suspenders adds that touch of formality once the jackets come off.

A pocket square (whether simple or colourful) can add that subtle yet elegant hint of sartorial flair when completing a look. They can play into formal and casual looks.

Shoes are still, oddly, overlooked in a lot of ways. A beautiful leather shoe can lift a look from excellent to extraordinary. And often it doesn’t need to be over the top – a simple, dark brown toe-cap (well polished) is pretty tough to beat (unless you’re wearing a dinner suit!).

In terms of shoes and accessories, is there golden rule about matching your accessories to your suit?

Don’t wear white, crocodile leather shoes. That’s probably the only golden rule!

When it comes to shoes and belts, it’s a good idea to think about matching, however you don’t need to be perfect. If you are wearing a tailored trouser, maybe consider having side adjustors instead of belt loops as a belt is not required when a trouser fits correctly.

As for styling accessories, don’t try to be too “matchy-matchy”. Attempting to match groomsmen with bridesmaids using accessories is a dangerous game and can come off pretty tacky when not done correctly. Your best bet is just to make sure that the colours chosen are complementary. When the colours work together, you can’t go wrong.

Image by Beck Rocchi

Below are four different looks for the guys who want to match their personality with their big day:

The adventurer:

This groom tends to opt for lighter, more breathable fabrics that are hard-wearing and allow for the elements to come into play. As for colours we tend to see lighter tans and creams, sometimes paired with a contrasting trouser. Often finished without a tie, these looks can be finished with colourful pocket squares or a vest.

Image supplied by Oscar Hunt

The surfer:

Casual and light. Similar to the adventurer, the beach wedding groom will look to lighter colours and casual finishings. Think cropped trousers and unbuttoned jackets. Simple yet quietly polished.

Image by Jonathan Wherrett 

The rocker:

More exploration with colour and pattern. This suit will no doubt have to be hard wearing so we look to heavier wools and durable fabrics such as wool-mohair. Often in a three-piece, the suit can also be finished with suspenders and polished boots.

Image supplied by Oscar Hunt

The classic:

This one is all about the dinner suit. You will see satin/silk finishings on the lapels and buttons. Often in black or midnight navy, the dinner suit can be completed with a hidden-button or pleated front shirt and bowtie. For shoes, it’s all about black, either leather or patent leather. Classically cut and beautifully presented, the classic is one for the ages.

Image by Paul McGinty

Ms Zigzag says: One type of suit certainly doesn’t suit all! Thanks to our awesome writer Caz and Chris from Oscar Hunt for delving into style options for all types of grooms! 

About Caz Pringle: Caz has been in the Event Management industry for the last decade, producing events for the likes of Rolex, Revlon, New Balance, Jeep, The Australian Open, Peroni and Alfa Romeo. After running her own events company for three years, she now lives in Antalya, Turkey with her husband where she remotely works as a copywriter and digital content producer and teaches Boxing and Yoga. She also writes the blog about boxing and women’s empowerment, you can follow it on Insta @SheCanPunch.



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