Photo by Ali Bailey via Monica & Ridwan’s Intimate Summerfields Country House Wedding

The latest wedding buzz word on the street is ‘micro-wedding’ and today, we’re diving into all the need to know details about this new wedding phrase and what it means for you!

What exactly is a micro-wedding?

Let’s be honest, it’s a bit of a buzz word – because a micro-wedding is just a “small” or “intimate” wedding. But let’s classify it as a wedding with less than 20 people present. Think of it as a jump between an elopement and a typically sized celebration.

What’s the difference between an elopement and a micro-wedding?

For a long time, even here on Polka Dot Bride, we called micro-weddings ‘elopements’. But by definition, an elopement is just the couple, witnesses and their celebrant (with perhaps a photographer) whereas a micro-wedding isn’t a secret from your family and friends, and is more like a traditional wedding format, but with a tiny number of guests.

Why would I have a micro-wedding?

Micro-weddings have that special ‘sauce’ that a smaller guest list delivers. Which means you have a flexibility you don’t have with a guest list of 100 people. Marrying on a stunning hard to access clifftop, treating your guests to a degustation reception dinner at that ‘special occasion’ restaurant, serving bottomless bottles of your favourite Champagne are all options that suddenly become available with a tiny guest list – let alone the time you will have to talk to each and every guest. You have the option to spend top dollar on any of your wedding elements. You also have the option to personalise your wedding more. Think about using a beautiful crockery set or glasses you’ve been gifted, at the dinner, impromptu speeches that say things you would only say to your nearest and dearest, or using family heirlooms.

And what if you don’t want to spend a lot? You can still treat your guests to thoughtful and beautiful handmade elements, re-creating things that were special in your childhood e.g. those sweet treats that were special occasion family ‘must haves’, honouring personal traditions that are meaningful in your families, using your grandma’s crockery because of the memories associated with it.

Photo by Lauren Campbell via  Nichole & Kade’s Sweet Elopement

Is a micro-wedding good for a budget option?

Yes and no – it completely depends, as with every other wedding decision, what is right for you. Some choose a small wedding because they want to spend a small amount, others because they want to spend the same amount as a larger wedding, but on a fewer number of guests. Many micro-weddings we have seen include elements like amazing photography, a beautiful bouquet and a stunning cake. I’m all for personal choice.

Is a micro-wedding right for me?

Let’s play matchmaker – a micro-wedding might be the best option for you if:

  • You can’t stand the idea of lots of people looking at you.
  • You’d love to elope but still want your family and favourite people to be present.
  • You have certain things that are non-negotiable to include in your day that wouldn’t be possible with a bigger guest list or different budget, specific venue, or reception style, or destination.
  • You want less pressure and less hype around the wedding but still want your day to include the special elements that are ‘you’.
  • You love the thought of a small gathering of your special people to celebrate this most personal of days with you.

Photo by Ashton Jean-Pierre Photography  via  Jiayi & Qiang’s Romantic Summerfields Estate Elopement