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Nowadays weddings are not just about the bride – the groom is coming to the party in a big way too. You care about what you wear, you want to know how to be a great groom, you want the moves like Jagger for your first dance, you like to read real weddings stories written by grooms like you, and the list goes on. We covered it all in 2017 and we have SO much more in store for you guys in 2018 on Polka Dot Groom.

For now, here are our top 10 posts of 2017!

Image by All Grown Up Weddings via Kristy & Ben’s Chic Restaurant Wedding

1.The Ultimate Guide to Being the Best Groom Ever

“When a groom shows interest on his wedding day, he essentially is saying to his bride, “Honey, I am interested in you and us. I want to be partners in this marriage right from the very start.”

Image by Renee Stamatis via Sophie & Alex’s Glam Country Wedding

2. Dance Tips for the Nervous Groom

“It’s natural to be nervous on your wedding day, especially for all those impending dances, so here we’ve put together some tips to keep the big day’s dances stress free.”

Image by Caroline Chandler

3. Expert Tips for Writing your Wedding Vows

“Writing your own wedding vows is a daunting task. However, it really does make for a special and personal ceremony to your beloved! Here are six tips that will have you well on your way to expressing your love in a clear, succinct and sweet way.”

Image by Elisha Ross via Jennifer & Scott’s Relaxed Winery Lunch Wedding

4.Searching for Grooms-piration? Instagram is Here to Save the Day

“The wedding suit is arguably the most complex decision a groom has to make in the lead up to the big day. But with so many options, where does one start? Obviously, Polka Dot Groom is the place to begin. But have you wandered over to our Instagram account for a bit more #weddinginspo?

Images by Carly Tia Photography

5. Fi and Guy’s Romantic Travel Inspired Hinterland Wedding

“Most people in their thirties are either married or thinking about getting married. And, regardless of age, planning a wedding is a bit of a big deal. We were no different…except at the age of 35 we quit our London jobs, rented out our apartment, packed our bags, and set off on a travellers’ honeymoon of a lifetime. Oh, and yes, all of this was while planning our wedding. Here is how it all came together.”

Image via Oscar Hunt Tailors

6. Dressing Dad for your Wedding Day (or His)

“Let’s be honest, some older gentleman can be a bit set in their ways, especially when it comes to fashion. But that shouldn’t mean when it comes time to dress up dear old dad, that he can’t be looking stylish on your wedding day.”

Image by Qlix Photography via Viktoriia and Jason’s Elegant Substation Wedding

7. A Fitter’s Guide to the Perfect Suit

“The dress, the flowers, the hair and the shoes; it can seem like the spotlight is on the bride on your wedding day! A well-fitting, super suave suit will ensure you’ll be able to share the limelight too!”

Image by Georgia Verrells via Micy & Jay’s Decadent Bram Leigh Wedding

8. Groomsmen Etiquette: Who Pays for What?

“There’s nothing worse than a debt hangover heading into a marriage, so it’s important to be clear on financial responsibilities and roles from the beginning. Here’s a breakdown of groomsmen financial etiquette and prices.”

Images by Mark from Gold Hat Photography

9. Elissa and Mark’s Romantic Country Style Wedding

“Since I’m a wedding photographer, I’ve seen plenty of weddings. Elissa has also seen plenty too, most of which were over my shoulder while I’m editing! Needless to say, we were both very keen to make our wedding the most informal and relaxed ‘non-wedding’ as we possibly could.”

Image by Tessa J. Photography  

Focus on Style – Mismatched Groomsmen Trend

“How could you possibly allow all your groomsmen’s personalities to shine when they are all dressed the same? 2017 is bringing back the mismatched groomsmen trend in full force.”


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