The golden light of Autumn always makes for spectacular moods and for today’s vendor team, it was the Autumn tones of the Australian countryside that inspired this beautiful autumnal farm picnic wedding inspiration shoot.

With a dream team of Elle DS Photography, stylist Minty Mary Pea, floral designer Gooseberry Hill Farm (who also happens to own the beautiful farm the shoot was set on) hair and makeup artist Barossa Style Bar, styling the bride’s look, who was dressed by Brides & Bloom, and Genevieve Wants To Marry You acting as celebrant, the team worked their magic to bring to life a wedding that was just the ticket for an Autumnal elopement.

Our couple married in front of a flower-adorned tree and toasted their nuptials with a sit-down picnic – the table dressed in brass vessels, vintage cushions, brown linens, tiny woodland mushrooms and tall taper candles tying back to the beauty of the season.

Stylist Laura explaining “We were inspired by this stunning natural landscape and the beautiful chaos of the fallen tree with all its limbs in disarray. This created the perfect intimate setting for our couple to elope in the warmth of the setting sun. This concept inspired our colour palette of warm hues and golden tones, all of which featured in the makeup, the floral design, and picnic setting, from the cushions to the cutlery.”