Connor and Jessica

Connor and Jessica exude a deep sense of self-confidence and knowing themselves, each other and what they want in life. From the moment they met in a bar over seven years ago, there was an instant mutual attraction and just four days following the night they first met, they were enjoying themselves on their first real date- and have been inseparable since.

The same sense of certainty was applied to how Connor and Jessica planned their classic and elegant wedding, held in Phillip Island, Victoria. Each element was thought through carefully and they focused on what was most important to them as a couple. The result? A bride and groom who were thrilled with every decision they made from what they wore, to their choice of bridal party, right through to being overjoyed with the work of each and every one of their wedding vendors. It’s exactly how a wedding should be! This perfect day was captured by Heart and Colour Photography. Enjoy all of the beautiful details below as told by the stunning bride, Jess. 

Our wedding style was classic, elegant and understated. We wanted it to reflect us so we chose to keep it very classic and understated without much fuss. We selected the elements which were most important to us (food, music, flowers & lighting) and they were our focus.

The most special and important detail of the day though was that it was actually our ‘second’ wedding. We found out in December of 2016 that my brother was to be deployed in January, four weeks later and would miss the wedding. I am so close to my family and siblings and knew I couldn’t get married without him by my side. So, with that in mind, we got in touch with our celebrant and photographers and within about 3 days, we’d organised a tiny, intimate wedding. We had only our immediate families there and my brother walked me down the makeshift aisle we’d set up in the gardens. It was the most perfect, simple little celebration. We kept it secret until the ceremony of our ‘second’ wedding in March when Josh our celebrant surprised everyone and told them about the secret wedding. It was hilarious seeing the reactions and so heartwarming when everyone came up to hug us later and let us know that they couldn’t have thought of a more beautiful way to ensure my brother was involved.

My ceremony dress was nothing like I thought it would be. I thought it would be completely lace, fitted with long sleeves. Instead, there was no lace to be seen, it was bateau neck and had a beautiful full skirt with a long train. As soon as I had it on, I felt classic, timeless and beautiful. It was everything I had hoped I would feel when I found my wedding dress. My mum, aunty and bridesmaids were there with me and they could just tell that I was smitten. It was such a surreal moment for me, I think that was the first moment that everything felt “real”, I was really going to be a bride, I won’t ever forget how I felt that first moment I put my dress on, nor how it made me feel on the big day.

My sister and my three best friends were my bridesmaids. At the very start of planning, I took a moment to think about who I wanted have by my side and share the whole day with. Spending the night before and the morning of the wedding together was such a highlight of the whole weekend for me, I would choose them over and over again.

Connor wore a classic, black tuxedo with a bow tie from Travellers Apparel in Melbourne. He was tossing up between a few colour choices and styles but when he tried on the tuxedo the decision was easy. I have never seen him look so handsome, he took my breath away on the day.

Connor’s parents own and run the Phillip Island Winery and it’s full of so many sweet memories for us that we always knew that when we eventually got married, it would play a central role. Although we were originally going to have both the ceremony and the reception at the winery, his parents suggested we visit the Trenavin Chapel grounds. Within about two minutes, we knew we wanted to be married there. Our ceremony was held on the cliff top of the Chapel grounds with the view of the ocean behind us and it was just gorgeous.

I walked down to the acoustic version of “Hey Ya” by Obadiah Parker. This song just makes us both so happy and when we envisioned me walking down the aisle to it, we both couldn’t wipe the smiles off our faces. My grandpa and my dad walked me down the aisle together. I have such a wonderful relationship with both and as my Grandpa had five boys, he has never had the chance to walk anyone down the aisle. It meant so much to all of us to be able to share the moment together.

Our ceremony was the part of the day we were most looking forward to. We’d heard a lot of comments or stories from people in the past that they just wanted to get their ceremony done with quickly so they could get the “fun” parts started but for us, the ceremony was the most important aspect. We wanted it to be personal, quirky and full of a lot of love and it was exactly that. Josh was the perfect celebrant for us because he is all about ceremonies and making them awesome and memorable and that’s exactly what it was. We loved every moment of it.

Three vendors, in particular, stood out to us; Josh Withers, Heart and Colour and Tango Films. They absolutely 100% made our day and it would not have been half as wonderful without them. All three went above and beyond both prior to the day, on the day and even after. I have recommended them over and over to so many people and will continue to do so.

Our wedding planner, Pollen and Patina, is also an amazing florist. I sent her a few bunches of flowers that I liked, lots of texture, greenery and not too “polished” looking and she just nailed it.

Connor served my best friend and I our first drinks at a local bar. I remember sitting down with her and commenting on how incredibly amazing his smile was. We both agreed he was gorgeous and then throughout the night I just kept going back to him to be served. A fair bit of money and drinks later, I wrote my number on his arm and that was it. He messaged me the same night, we had our first date 4 days later and over seven years later, we’re now married. Connor is this unbelievable force of positivity and happiness and from the moment I met him, my world was changed for the better.

Our photographers, Heart and Colour, were beyond phenomenal. There’s really no words to describe how amazing they were. We’d met Phil at our ‘first’ wedding in January and when we saw him again on the big day in March, it was like seeing an old friend again. Both him and Aaron are just such lovely, genuine guys. They made us feel so relaxed and happy and definitely provided lots of laughs on the day. We love their natural, photojournalistic style and their photos really do speak for themselves. We joke about getting married again and again just so we can have them photograph us, haha.

We didn’t do any DIY details, although we first thought about doing some DIY, our planner Katie warned us of how busy we would be coming up to the day and that if we could avoid doing any extra hands on work, then it was best to do so. We’re definitely glad we took her advice because we did get so busy in those last few weeks!

I chose to change into the beautiful Duncan Dress by Houghton NYC for my reception. It had a similar elegant feel about it with the just the right amount of quirk (it had such a fun, spanish inspired train!) and I loved it. If I had my day over, I would choose them again and again.

We danced to “Grow old with you” by Adam Sandler. We always have mini dance parties at home with just the two of us and whenever we hear this song, we just melt. It’s so silly but sweet at the same time and we like to think it epitomises us. We had planned to go to dance lessons but at the last minute decided that we would just wing it like we do at home and we had the best time. It’s such a fond memory for both of us.

The beautiful bride shares five cherished highlights of her day..

Being walked down the aisle by my Grandpa and my Dad, I loved having two of the most amazing people in my life on either side of me.

My sister reading out a speech written by my brother (my brother was on deployment in Afghanistan so was unable to make the wedding but he wrote the most beautiful, funny speech as a surprise for us and it was incredible).

Doing everything hand in hand with Connor. We said from the very start that we wanted to spend as much time together on the day as possible and we did that, we made sure we were always together.

Getting ready with my bridesmaid and my mum the night before and the morning of, we have the most amazing memories from those moments.

Seeing Connor’s face for the first time when I was walking up the aisle. He was the happiest I’ve ever seen him and it made my heart skip 100 beats.

And these were the highlights for her groom, Connor…

Seeing it all come together, all the planning, everything, it just worked and it was incredible.

Jess in her dress. She is the most physically and mentally beautiful person I’ve ever met, I have never seen her look more beautiful than on our wedding day.

Celebrating with all our families and friends in one big, happy party.

Our first dance. It was just me and Jess and the rest of the world was a blur.

If you loved reading about this romantic wedding, then you’re going to adore watching the wedding video captured by TANGO films:

Ms Zigzag says: I just love it when a bride and groom can look back at their wedding with nothing but happiness and fond memories. Congrats to Connor and Jess who planned a day that was a reflection of them, and who smiled, danced and laughed the whole through their wedding journey. We wish them, even more, happiness for their journey as husband and wife.