Dressing Dad for your Wedding (or His)

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Mr Houndstooth

Image via Oscar Hunt Tailors

Image via Oscar Hunt Tailors

Let’s be honest, some older gentleman can be a bit set in their ways, especially when it comes to fashion.

But that shouldn’t mean when it comes time to dress up dear old dad, that he can’t be looking stylish on your wedding day.

After all, he may be walking the bride down the aisle, or playing a starring role in photos that you’ll keep forever.

If you’re an older gentleman who’s getting married, or your old man is in need of a wardrobe upgrade before your wedding, remember: on point fashion stands the test of time.

“People can age but style is timeless,” says Chris Edwards, General Manager of Australian fashion house Oscar Hunt Tailors.

“We always play around with the idea that tailored suiting and something that’s well styled is essentially timeless, it doesn’t age, it’s always classic.”

Image via Oscar Hunt Tailors

Image via Oscar Hunt Tailors

Oscar Hunt’s ‘Classic’ range features looks including a tapered modern trouser paired with a double-breasted classic jacket and a peacoat in a fine modern cashmere.

But Chris admits, there can be challenges with some older clients who come to their store with pre-conceived notions.

“The team here is pretty young, so an older guy coming in might think looking at us that these guys are going to give me some crazy suit that’s going to be too modern and too young for me. For us, it doesn’t matter what age or style you are after, we get to know you as an individual. We’re not imposing any style rules on you.”

So what do older gentleman prefer when choosing suits?

“Older guys tend to like a little more room. Our older clients tend to align comfort with utility.

“They look for something probably a bit more comfortable, a little more room than we see in a classic silhouette. That’s what those guys tend to opt for –  a bit more length in the jacket, more width in the hem of the trouser – they’re the main things.”

Image via Oscar Hunt Tailors

Image via Oscar Hunt Tailors

Chris added that the younger generation can actually learn a thing or two from their predecessors, including the importance of a blazer.

“Older guys understand the coolness and the advantages of sports jackets. They understand that having a really good blazer in the wardrobe is good for versatility. Some of them are really adventurous and opt for a bold check. These older guys are certainly not afraid. And you can wear these jackets with multiple outfits, for example, with jeans or chinos.”

So if your dad says, ‘I’ve already got my wedding suit, I don’t need another’, well, he may be right.

Image via Oscar Hunt Tailors

But if it’s not quite there, you may be able to persuade him to try something new by convincing him you won’t make him wear anything he isn’t comfortable in. Consider matching elements of your dad’s outfit with the bridal party – an understated but absolutely classy move.

And don’t forget, after you’ve sorted out dad’s outfit, maybe go and check out his wardrobe and nab one of those sports jackets for yourself.

Style is timeless, after all.

Ms ZigZag says: There’s nothing better than feeling comfortable and handsome in your wedding guest attire. While there is plenty of fashion advice out there for the bride and groom, we don’t see as much guidance for the dads and older men. Thanks for shining the spotlight on the older (but young at heart!) guys and helping them out, Mr Houndstooth! 

About Mr Houndstooth: I am a happily married man. I enjoy a fine whisky, a new suit and swashbuckling around town with my beautiful bride. Looking back on my wedding day always makes me smile, even though it began to rain just as I said ‘I do’.


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