Lucie & Chris

With a little sweetness in their step, Lucie & Chris’ relaxed Little Church in Spring Hill wedding was a casual, outdoor affair that was all about creating a cosy and intimate feel for their guests. Finding The Little Church At Spring Hill set the scene for the mood of the day – the couple marrying inside the church before relaxing with guests over lawn games, food trucks and plenty of laughter and wine. Marnie Hawson joined Lucie and Chris on their wedding day to capture it unfolding.

Chris tells the story of how the newlyweds came to be. “We were paired up in my brother’s mixed martial arts class a few times. We got along very well as friends and one thing just lead to another. You judo throw someone and choke them enough times one day we figured we’d try dinner.”

Lucie and Chris chose The Little Church At Spring Hill  for their wedding, Chris explaining “The reception was on the same property as the church. It was great not having to do a big venue change. The church had an old country look but had been restored so it was still beautiful and presentable. There was only about enough space for 60 people and that was about the size of our guest list. It was cosy and intimate.”

Lucie walked down the aisle to Falling Slowly by Glen Hansard.

Janine De Paiva officiated the ceremony, the groom remarking “The important thing was the vows and the rings and some of the classical traditional marriage ideals. In my vows, I talked about my wife’s love of food and promised to protect her from centaurs.”

Chris remarks “I think ‘favourite part of wedding planning’ is a contradiction in terms… especially for males. The best part was when it was over. Me and my wife high 5’ed and were like “Let’s never do this ever again.”

The bride chose a long sleeve lace gown from Fame and Partners, Chris remarking “She wore a beautiful long sleeved dress with breathable floral patterns on it. She also had a flower crown instead of a veil which was beautiful. We had a look at a few dresses. We weren’t too superstitious so I got to help choose the dress. We ended up choosing the one that nearly made me cry seeing her wear it. I started to well up and said “That’s the one. Yep”.”

Quiet time post-ceremony was one of the groom’s favourite parts of the day. He tells “Lucie my wife got out of the church and was bombarded by cameras. We figured out a way to create a diversion, and managed to escape to a quiet country road and took photos and drank wine. I remember walking down that quiet road, me and my wife singing out of tune at the top of our lungs ‘I’ll make love to you’ by Boys 2 Men. It was amazing.”

Of their photographer, Chris tells “Marnie was amazing. She really captured the whole day without being imposing. She was perfect. It was like having another friend there but I just didn’t know her that well. Soon after the wedding my Step-sister got engaged and wanted to get Marnie for their wedding as they were so blown away by her photos.”

The couple chose Digging for Fire BBQ  to cater their reception, Chris telling “We were really excited about our food truck. It was Moroccan and Sri Lankan influenced food. We didn’t want a typical wedding sit down lunch. We wanted people to sit outside with a plate of nice food, listen to some tunes and have a picnic. It really showed what kind of chilled out people me and my wife are. It was an excellent reflection of us as people and how we wanted to celebrate the day.”

The couple spent the night dancing it away, and of their first dance, Chris remarking “We chose ‘September’ by Earth Wind & Fire. We literally boogied the hardest we’ve ever boogied. We didn’t do an slow romancey stuff.”

Congratulations Lucie and Chris! Thank you for sharing the stories of your day with us! Thank you also to Marnie Hawson for sharing today’s wedding with us!