Vanessa & Rodney

When it comes to creating a relaxed and romantic vibe for their day, today’s couple have absolutely hit the mark. Vanessa and Rodney chose to keep their wedding simple and heartfelt, with a focus on their journey to be together, and their family and friends. If this isn’t the epitome of what a wedding should be about, we don’t know what is. The amazing team at Figtree Pictures were on hand to capture this intimate and rustic Newrybar wedding.

Vanessa laughs of their first meeting. “It was in a bathroom! We were set up to meet by family and friends at Rodney’s brother’s home!” And the rest, as the line goes, is history.



The bride’s gorgeous, whimsical lace gown was found, quite by luck, at a Grace Loves Lace sample sale in Brisbane. “I had loved browsing many Instagram accounts, and in particular Grace Loves Lace, so when they advertised a sample dress sale, I went with a girlfriend and happened to find the very dress I was after, the “Inca” gown. It the whole process was pretty quick and rushed. but very successful!”

Vanessa’s stunningly soft-waved hair style was by Jess Faulkner, and her makeup was done by Jess from Foxs Lane Styling. Her opulent bouquet was created by Estelle from The French Petal, who also styled the florals for the ceremony and reception. “Our florist Estelle was a total pleasure to work with, and went above and beyond our requests to make the day beautiful,” the bride remembers, warmly.

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The groom chose a dapper suit in dark navy with black edging, and a smart black bow tie completing his look. “Rodney found a suit he loved from Politix,” Vanessa tells. “And his shoes were from Aquila – the lucky last pair in his size!”

politixintimate-rustic-newrybar-wedding20160717_5183 intimate-rustic-newrybar-wedding20160717_5191intimate-rustic-newrybar-wedding20160717_5185intimate-rustic-newrybar-wedding20160717_5201intimate-rustic-newrybar-wedding20160717_5235

The bride walked down the aisle to a beautiful version of “Marry Me” by Train, sung by their good friend Anna Beaden.


“We wanted an intimate, relaxed feeling for the ceremony that reflected our love for each other and our journey together,” the bride explains. “We read our own personal vows to each other, which also made mention of the journey we had been on to find each other.” Vanessa and Rodney’s immediate family were also involved in their ceremony, with the groom’s children singing a special piece and the bride’s small son dressing the part as the sweetest, little wedding attendant.

anna-beaden-and-emeline-jordan-cassie intimate-rustic-newrybar-wedding20160717_5213intimate-rustic-newrybar-wedding20160717_5219 intimate-rustic-newrybar-wedding20160717_5220intimate-rustic-newrybar-wedding20160717_5212intimate-rustic-newrybar-wedding20160717_5222 intimate-rustic-newrybar-wedding20160717_5223intimate-rustic-newrybar-wedding20160717_5224intimate-rustic-newrybar-wedding20160717_5226intimate-rustic-newrybar-wedding20160717_5227the-harvest-cafe-bakery

The ceremony and reception were both held in the Harvest Old Cafe & Bakery in Newrybar, New South Wales. “It was a gorgeous and intimate setting – perfect for the romantic and rustic vibe we were after, and with the added charm of the still roaring bakery oven from the morning’s Sourdough Sunday session!” gushes the bride of their venue. “The food was outstanding! Just divine, and the customer service was impeccable.”

intimate-rustic-newrybar-wedding20160717_5262intimate-rustic-newrybar-wedding20160717_5234intimate-rustic-newrybar-wedding20160717_5232harvest-cafeintimate-rustic-newrybar-wedding20160717_5194 intimate-rustic-newrybar-wedding20160717_5192intimate-rustic-newrybar-wedding20160717_5263

“We wanted to ensure that we had time to just hang and mingle with our family and friends, and not rush through any of the usual proceedings. There were no speeches, and no cake. It was a simple, relaxed affair. Sharing such a gorgeous venue and delicious food with our loved ones and children was wonderful.”

intimate-rustic-newrybar-wedding20160717_5264intimate-rustic-newrybar-wedding20160717_5230intimate-rustic-newrybar-wedding20160717_5231intimate-rustic-newrybar-wedding20160717_5252intimate-rustic-newrybar-wedding20160717_5238intimate-rustic-newrybar-wedding20160717_5240intimate-rustic-newrybar-wedding20160717_5241intimate-rustic-newrybar-wedding20160717_5242the-french-petalintimate-rustic-newrybar-wedding20160717_5244 intimate-rustic-newrybar-wedding20160717_5243

The couple chose Figtree Pictures tocapture their relaxed, intimate day, and, as always with these amazing photographers, the result is sublime. “Our photographers were Camilla and Emily from Figtree, and they were outstanding. Such gorgeous people to work with,” says Vanessa. “They were a complete pleasure, made us feel so relaxed and were so unobtrusive – you wouldn’t have known they were there, and yet they managed to get some beautiful shots in a relatively short space of time.”

intimate-rustic-newrybar-wedding20160717_5251intimate-rustic-newrybar-wedding20160717_5249 intimate-rustic-newrybar-wedding20160717_5250intimate-rustic-newrybar-wedding20160717_5247intimate-rustic-newrybar-wedding20160717_5253intimate-rustic-newrybar-wedding20160717_5254 intimate-rustic-newrybar-wedding20160717_5257intimate-rustic-newrybar-wedding20160717_5256

Congratulations Vanessa and Rodney on your stunning wedding. Thank you to the couple, and to Figtree Pictures for sharing their day with us.