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Jennifer & John

For some timeless elegance today, Jennifer and John’s pretty Glebe Hall wedding is absolutely perfect. The couple had a completely aligned vision for how they both wanted their day to look and feel, and they chose SugarLove Weddings to capture their wedding.

Of how they met, John still claims to this day that Jennifer was his ‘first love’ when he first met her in Year 5. Jennifer, however, doesn’t remember this day! Some nearly 20 years later, fate would bring them together, have them fall in love and be each other’s forever.

Bridal Reflections Gown

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Jennifer wore a mermaid style,ivory lace dress, with long lace train from Bridal Reflections. She wore a high neck lace bolero throughout the ceremony and portrait session, which she could take off for the evening to reveal a sweetheart neckline. The bride wanted a classic, hourglass shaped gown, which would suit her petite frame. The gown was complimented with a stunning, floor length veil.

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Bridal Reflections

Brides in Bloom Bouquet

The soft, romantic bouquet was created by Brides in Bloom.

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Pretty Glebe Hall Wedding20160713_1634Hugo Boss

John and his groomsmen wore exceedingly dapper Hugo Boss suits, and John adorned a black bow tie to suit the elegant theme of the day. The couples’ mothers and aunts wore traditional, Korean style ‘Han-Bok’, which were amazingly bright, bold and colourful, in beautiful fabrics.

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Hugo Boss Suits

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St John's Church, Glebe

The couple held their ceremony at St John’s Church in Glebe. Of their ceremony, the bride and groom tell, “Pastor Steve, who is our church’s lead Pastor, married us. It was so nice to be married by someone who we personally knew, and had guided us throughout our wedding preparation with pre-marriage counselling where we learnt a lot about ourselves and each other.”

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Pretty Glebe Hall Wedding20160713_1665TwoBirds Bridesmaids

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Pretty Glebe Hall Wedding20160713_1668Stellina Cute CouturePretty Glebe Hall Wedding20160713_1643Pretty Glebe Hall Wedding20160713_1641

Jennifer’s bridesmaid wore a pretty blush pink gown from Two Birds that worked with the colours of the entire day.

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Of their photographer, SugarLove Weddings, Jennifer and John say, “Our photographer was amazing, and worked our rowdy guests very well! She made us feel so comfortable, despite the heat on the day!”

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Pretty Glebe Hall Wedding20160713_1638Pretty Glebe Hall Wedding20160713_1640

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The reception was held at Glebe Town Hall, and the couple explain, “We wanted a unique venue for our reception, which would meet three important things for us. It has to be easy for our guests to travel to from the ceremony, it had to be a private venue which we could have all to ourselves on the day, and we had to have 100% creative input on how the evening would look and run. After searching venues, we found the perfect venue in Glebe Town Hall. It is a beautiful Victorian, classical style heritage listed building, with elegant stairwells. We held our reception in the Great Hall, which had wooden, white and light salmon painted walls. Jennifer had always envisaged a wedding with long tables with simple, white chairs.”

“Working with our caterer, Blue Salt Catering, to create our own menu, as well as desserts, was a wonderful experience. Although not DIY, Jennifer had creative input on all aspects of the reception, from specific flowers and designs, to the specific width of tables she ordered. She even designed the “J&J” logo which was on our invites, ceremony booklets and menus. She had a great team of florists, friends and our wedding coordinator, Brides in Bloom, who set up it all up on the day for us.”

Brides in BloomLure Sydney

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Lure Sydney WIshing Well

Fine InvitationsCelebration Cakes

Glebe Town Hall

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Of some fun, special memories from their day, the couple remember, “John’s family are quite musical. John’s mother and brother played violin, and his father played the guitar to the musical piece Canon in D. Jennifer’s uncle surprised us all with a magic trick, which our guests loved! He turned a $10 note into $100 note, and everyone wanted more. Guests shouted for “one more time”, and whether he could make the $100 into $1000!”

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“We danced to “All of Me” by John Legend. We didn’t want to take lessons and do an awkwardly choreographed first dance – we just winged it and kept it natural. In that moment we pretended it was just us in the room and whispered encouraging words to each other.”

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Congratulations and thank you to the lovely newlyweds, Jennifer and John, and to SugarLove Weddings for sharing this beautiful wedding with us!