Branka & Adam

Our love story is by no means perfect. Each chapter of our lives has had its ups and downs but will never conclude without the two of us hand in hand, smiling. It began with a proposal under the stars in Dubai, leading to wedding day that began with rain but ended with a rainbow!




We met by chance at a time in our lives where neither of us were looking for any kind of commitment and when each of us had future travel plans. Adam was setting off to Greece just a few weeks in and I was off to the USA for six weeks not long after. But the love which grew between us almost instantaneously meant that no distance or individual plans could keep us from making a commitment to each other which four years on led to us become husband and wife.




We had an unplugged intimate wedding (well as intimate as an Italian and Serbian couple can have hehehe!) at St Mary’s in Leederville. I must admit I wasn’t fond of the idea of marrying in a church as I am not very religious but looking back on the day and our exchanging of vows was such a sacred moment which was more beautiful than I could have ever imagined! I even allowed a tear to drop from my eye.




I wore a Pallas Couture wedding gown. One which I saw in a magazine not long after we got engaged that I lusted over for months on end as my budget was not quite as high as the asking price of the gown. However, after countless disappointing dress try ons and never-ending bridal stores my Dad (bless him) sat me down and said “it’s not often that you get to see your only daughter get married. I want my girl to feel as beautiful as I think she is, no price tag should ever be able to take that away from her.” I will never forget the joy, excitement and appreciation I felt in that moment. Needless to say the dress was a dream come true, pure perfection and one in which I felt like an absolute princess, just like every girl should.



Every one of our suppliers did an incredible job but our photographer Angela Higgins stole our hearts like no other. From the first conversation to the very last, she made us feel comfortable which allowed us to be ourselves and to express the love we share for each other in front of her.





Our reception was held at Acqua Viva. As we wanted an intimate wedding, we felt that there was something about a venue on the water which had a soothing feel to it. The venue held up to 120 people which for us was perfect as we didn’t want to have anywhere near as many (even though we ended up with just under 100 guests) and it meant that the room wouldn’t feel empty. It was everything we wanted and we are so glad that we chose it as the staff and service were impeccable – we had so many positive comments from our guests.






The speech which touched my heart, and I believe it did the same for most of our guests too, was Adam’s. Never had I known him to be able to write anything as beautiful, nor did I ever believe that he could express such kind and loving words for me publicly.




Our wedding day was everything we ever wanted and more! But what no one tells you is that THE BEST part is the ride home where you get to enjoy being in each other’s arms. Whilst no one is watching, you can reminisce about the blissful memories you created and share each and every second worth of detail that you were not together for.

We will forever be each other’s everything.



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Ms Chinoiserie Says: Congratulations Branka and Adam; your pretty soft pink and white colour scheme was so perfect for your intimate waterside celebrations!