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modern riverside wedding0092

Image by Samara Clifford via Kerryn and Peter’s Modern Riverside Wedding

Not just a convenient way to stave off the ever-present man-flu this winter, socks can also be an excellent way to add a splash of colour to your wedding day or corporate attire.

Men are traditionally confined to a fairly limited colour pallet when it comes to a tailored dress code. Greys and blacks dominate the wardrobe with a smattering of blue or perhaps a pale pink if you are particularly adventurous.

Socks can be a great way of adding colour that is only present when you are seated. The man just looking to add a flash of colour to his look might consider adjusting the block colour of his sock. Pink socks can be paired with a grey suit to great effect.

Red Sock Suit

You can also directly contrast colours for a more splendid ‘pop’. We love how these yellow socks really stand out against this black suit.

Yellow Sock Suit

If you have a hobby or passion, graphics on your socks can be a great way to express that without being overly ‘in your face’. For example perhaps you are an avid cyclist or sport a particularly glorious moustache.

Moustache sock

Images x 3 via Institchu

Socks are an inexpensive, easy and fun way to jazz up your look and add a little colour to more formal attire.

Swirl divider

Ms Chinoiserie Says: Such a fun way to add a ‘colour pop’ to wedding day style!

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