Glamorous Gallery Wedding20160607_0496Lisa & Andrew

I have to be honest. This intricately floral etched detail wedding gown has made my Tuesday. What is there not to love about this stunning bride, her dapper groom and their glamorous gallery wedding! Lisa and Andrew were married amongst friends and family on a perfect day in Sydney, and chose Milenko Weddings to capture their elegant, romantic wedding.

Lisa and Andrew worked together, and this how they first met and came to be. I always love the idea of looking back to those first moments of meeting the person you will marry. Even though most of us definitely have no idea at the time that we are being introduced to our future other half, I can’t help but wonder if some little subconscious part of us just… knows. You know?

Gather and Stitch

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Of her incredible wedding dress by Gather and Stitch, Lisa says, “It was a unique dress. I worked with a designer to source the fabric, and we worked together to create an individual piece, suited to me, with sleeves, a V-back and boat neck. The experience was good, but daunting as the first fitting of the dress (after it was complete!) was about 3 weeks before the wedding!”

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Andrew wore a well fitted, elegant Armani suit, with a matching bow tie to complete his look, which suited their refined, black tie wedding perfectly.

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The couple were married at the Shore School Chapel, and chose it for its classic look and stained glass windows. Andrew went to school at Shore, and they both knew the minister who married them. Lisa tells, “The pews face each other – which is a little different. Out the front of the Chapel there are extensive gardens and a view of the harbour (including bridge) – both of which were definite draw cards for choosing it for our ceremony.”

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An organ was played live in the church as Lisa walked down the aisle of the stunning old chapel to her groom. Lisa says, “We aimed for a relaxed, enjoyable and intimate ceremony. It was short, except for the delayed start due to me forgetting my bouquet and having to go back to the hotel to get it before the ceremony!”

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Of their photographer, Lara of Milenko Weddings, Lisa tells, “Our photographer was great – we are very happy with the photographs. She really captured our wedding! And we practised our first dance during our photography session after the ceremony!” These shots of the couple’s dance practice during their portraits are some of my favourite from this wedding!

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Emma Gerrie Makeup ArtistMr Cook Flowers

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Glamorous Gallery Wedding20160607_0497Milenko Weddings

Chiswick at the Gallery - Art Gallery of NSW

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The stunning florals at their reception, as well as Lisa’s cascading bouquet, were created by the fabulous Mr Cook Flowers and Lisa loved the hanging floral installations he created for the venue. The couple were also very impressed with their wedding stationery by The Blackline by Lauren. Lisa gushes, “Lauren was very attentive and her style is amazing!”

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Glamorous Gallery Wedding20160607_0519Black Star Pastry

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Lisa and Andrew held their modern, formal reception at Chiswick at the Gallery, and Lisa tells, “The Art Gallery of New South Wales was very majestic and the food prepared by Chiswick at the Gallery was fantastic! The formal venue combined with great wine and food suited our personal style completely.”

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What an exquisite affair. Congratulations Lisa and Andrew! Thank you to this stylish couple, and Milenko Weddings, for sharing today’s beautiful wedding with us!