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Elle & Patrick

I love the sweet vintage feeling to Elle and Patrick’s vintage inspired flower filled wedding. From the bride choosing to wear her mother’s wedding gown to the sweet heartfelt touches Elle and Patrick made sure to include to make their day feel like their own. They chose Cloud Catcher Studio to capture their day.

Elle kicks off their day with the story of how she met Patrick. “Patrick and I met through my older sister’s friends of friends. It took five times before I remembered Patrick’s name. Patrick also made a point of talking to me at social events. Clearly I was in my own little world. When he finally asked me on a date I said no! I wasn’t really interested, which I feel really bad about now. Then 6 months later we ran into each other again and surprisingly the offer to take me out was still standing. I finally said yes and the rest was history!”

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The bride wore her mother’s own wedding gown, telling, “Initially I dreaded the thought of going out to buy a wedding dress. I came home from work one day and said to Mum “I think I have an idea about the dress I would like to wear”. Mum replied jokingly “You could wear mine”. I said to her “That was exactly what I was thinking!”.

Fortunately for me, immediately after Mum’s wedding day my Grandmother had the dress dry-cleaned and boxed so the condition was virtually brand new even after all those years. I tried it on to see if I could fit into it since Mum was pretty slim back in 1981. It fitted perfectly!! Mum was really happy and started to get a little teary. What I loved so much about the dress was that I felt so comfortable wearing it. It just seemed really natural and I felt so very special and honoured that I could wear the same wedding gown that my own mother had worn 34 years ago.”

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Elle’s bridesmaids wore floral print gowns from Alannah Hill and carried floral arrangements by Primula Floral Styling.

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Elle and Patrick chose St. Patrick’s Church  for their ceremony.

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The couple chose a very simple ceremony with two readings.

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Of their photographers, the bride remarks, “Alyce and Colette are very professional at what they do but never make you feel uncomfortable. I couldn’t recommend them enough. Having brilliant photographers is so important because they (the photos) are the lasting memories of your day.”

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Reception celebrations took place at Lightspace Brisbane. Elle notes,  “LightSpace was a great venue because it’s a blank canvas so you can style it any way you like. We wanted to be close to the church so travel time was only minutes away and most of our guests party hard after weddings so there were bars and club close by.”

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Patrick and Elle chose a song they loved by City & Colour for their first dance.

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Congratulations Elle and Patrick! Thank you for sharing your day with us! Thank you also to Cloud Catcher Studio for sharing today’s wedding!