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Ashleigh & Jarrad

I love the element of surprise in so many modern day weddings and Ashleigh and Jarrad certainly encapsulated it all with their elegant surprise wedding. The couple invited guests to their combined engagement party and 30th birthday and surprised their guests by getting married. They worked with Georgia Wiggs to photograph their day.

On their time together, Ashleigh remembers “We met about 15+ years ago though a friend. We complement each-other and are also best friends. ”

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The couple got ready together, Ashleigh remarking “It was amazing, stress free, and I enjoyed getting ready with my fiance prior and returning home with my husband. All the local hire and catering were amazing! ”

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Asheligh chose a gown from Little Blue Bridal noting “It was amazing and a great experience to share with my Mum, Mother In-law and Nan. I found the dress on my first day shopping, and loved it more and more of the 5+ times I visited it. The owner of Little Blue Bridal in Frankston was amazing, she fitted out the entire family on both side.

Everyone asked whom made my dress thinking it was custom made, but no it was off the rack. To be honest, the pictures don’t do the dress justice, with the lovely detail of the pearls and detail. I’m have simple classic style, and this wasn’t a dress I thought was me,but when I put it on, it was all I wanted, and showed off the areas I’d been working on! It was such a light dress I was so comfortable all day. Can’t thank little blue bridal enough. ”

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The groom walked down the aisle to Rocket by Little Red. The bride telling “Our house had been worked on hard for the last 8+ months, completing our renovations, and our lovely Garden design (our compromise to having a lovely wedding at home was getting our garden designed ). The talented Colin Hyett and team did an amazing job.. It was a family affair the prep 3 days before, which I really liked. No stress just fun creating this special day and all my design coming together. ”

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Ashleigh walked down the aisle with her two fathers to “Magic” by Coldplay.

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Ashleigh chose Kerr Wedding Events  to help on the day, noting “I also hired a wedding co-ordinatior for the day so family didn’t do anything, but enjoy the day Kerr Wedding Events were great. So accommodating. ”

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Georgia Wiggs  captured the photographs of the day, Ashleigh remarks “I’m a designer, and like to show people my thoughts via a creative method of mood boards, so I created one for catering, theme and photographer, so everyone knew my thoughts and look to help create the vision. The main special thing we included was our great photographer – Georgia Wiggs. That girl is amazing. ”

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Franklin Coffee and Fired Up Pizza catered the wedding, the bride remembering “We had fun with Fired Up Pizza, whom all commented how amazing their antipasto was and the pizza…whom can go wrong with all you can eat pizza! Franklin Coffee/Bar looked great and staff were lovely. All vendors were amazing and all helped create this day what I wanted and we so pleasant to deal with. ”

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Ashleigh tells “I did a lot of dessert table elements, signs, table cloths, as I wanted it just right, I was very resourceful and had fun creating elements with my mum. ”

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Congratulations Ashleigh and Jarrad! Thank you for sharing your special day with us! Thank you also to Georgia Wiggs for sharing today’s wedding!