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Hayley & Nathan

There is much magic to be had in the quiet. In the moments where it is just the two of you, the lightness of your story enveloping it all. Hayley and Nathan chose a sweet elopement for their nuptials. The bride and groom upon deciding they didn’t want a wedding, eloped two days after Christmas and two and a half months after their engagement with just their immediate family. A simple white dress, a wonderful photographer Lauren Campbell (who just happens to be the bride’s sister!) and the scene was set.

Hayley and Nathan tell. “We have known each other for years before we started dating. We worked in shops next to each other for about 3-4 years. I was the girl in the video store & he was the boy at the game store. We would occasionally talk but nothing more than a “hey how are you?” But we slowly started to connect on a deeper scale and we eventually became great friends who helped and cared for each other, and fell in love.”

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The couple chose a morning celebration – the bride’s sister, also the makeup artist rising at 3.30am to get started! Hayley noting, “I love my other talented sister Keira who got up with me at 3.30am to make my make up look effortless. My hairdresser arrived before the sun to start my hair!”

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Hayley and Nathan chose John Tucker Park, Patterson for their ceremony, noting, “We got married two and a half months after the engagement, we aren’t the kind of people who wanted to wait a year or two before we got married. We never saw the point. We were married In a beautiful and intimate ceremony first thing in the morning on December 27th, at John Tucker Park in Patterson NSW. It was absolutely gorgeous, an entire park solely to us, they sky grey but a light mist and dew in the air.  The park is a place that we often go for a nice calm relaxing picnic together AND was also the place where Nathan proposed!”

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Hayley remembers “I walked down the aisle to an original acoustic song written by my father in law Shane Pyers. Lead singer of the extremely talented “Mokobenj”. The song was magical and romantic and will forever be something special to us both.”

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“Our rings were extremely special on the day also. Nathan had chosen my wedding ring and I wasn’t allowed to see it until he put it on my finger, which was extremely exciting and made the moment a little more special. Nathan’s wedding band was a unique rustic homemade band by the gorgeous couple from Rhodes Wedding Co. They travel across America making home made bands, that are each so individually made that they tell their own unique love story and are more then the standard gold band . Everyone adored it as it was not something anyone had seen before.”

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Of their photographer, Hayley remarks, “The photographer is someone very special and dear to both of us. The immensely talented “Lauren Campbell photographer ” from Canberra. Who just so happens to be my big sister. So not only was there some perks with having my sister do my photos, but we had no doubt at all that there would be a lot of love and effect put into making our photos magical for a lifetime!”

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Jade Mcintosh Flowers created the bouquet for the bride and buttonhole for the groom, Hayley explaining, “Everyone adored my flowers. With organising my wedding on such short notice I was concerned that nobody would take me on. All I wanted was a bouquet for myself and a buttonhole for Nathan. Being two days after Christmas as well I was getting turned down by a few companies which made sense. Until I came across “Jade Mcintosh Flowers”. Jade was happy to take me on and quick to come up with my perfect flowers with no fuss at all.”

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Hayley and Nathan had dinner with their family at Savannah’s, Morpeth after the ceremony, noting, “We had our “reception” at the elegant Savannahs in Morpeth, which we only just recently realised was the place we had our first date over three years ago.”

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Hayley notes, “We didn’t have a first dance as the reception was a simple breakfast with our guests and couldn’t really dance at a restaurant which is fine, but as corny as it sounds I think the first year of marriage is like the first dance. If I had organised to do a first dance I had an idea of exactly what it would have been. “Be Mine” by Guy Sebastian. From the first time I heard that song I knew that it was something extremely special and would bring so much love and happiness to my marriage.”

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Congratulations on your marriage Hayley and Nathan! Thank you so much for sharing the story of your day with us. Thank you also to Lauren Campbell  for sharing this gorgeous day with us!