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Beatrice & Steve

I love Autumn. I love the vibrant colours, I love the crisp air, I love the mood and the atmosphere and Beatrice & Steve’s Autumn Butterland wedding captures it all. From the fiery red foliage, the speeches outside as the sun set and the truck full of celebratory drinks to toast the newlyweds with. All captured by Zoe McMahon Photography.

On how they met, Beatrice and Steve tell. “We met at the Brunswick Street Cycles store in 2010. Beatrice required many bike repairs in the months leading up to our first date!!!!!”

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Beatrice’s best friend also happens to be Katie of Katie Marx Flowers and of course styled the floral arrangements for the day, Beatrice remembering, “My best friend Katie Marx was the florist and I knew that everything she would do would be amazing. So I left it to her and her amazing team. She put together the bouquet which was very individual and stunning.”

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Beatrice and Steve held their wedding at Butterland, Newstead Butter Factory , the bride explaining, “The wedding was at the Newstead Butter Factory, Butterland. Its a magical setting in central Victoria owned by our dear friends florist Katie Marx and furniture maker Greg Hatton. The venue is big and friendly and was perfect for a huge party. We really wanted out wedding to be an open celebration of love and friendship, not a stuffy affair. We held the ceremony outside under a beautiful natural arc made by the clever Katie Marx. It was important to us to be outside so we were blessed to have the sun out. ”

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Carl Nave tailored the groom’s suit.

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For the bride, the day started in a different kind of way, she tells, “I arranged for a yoga class on the morning of the wedding with about 20 of my best girl friends instead of a hens night. This was such a beautiful space to share with each other. A moment I will always remember and a chance to catch my breath in amongst everything and remember what we were here for and feel how lucky I was to have such beautiful women around me.”

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Beatrice walked down the aisle with her father and step father to “Bach’s Cello Suite No. 1 in G Major played life and solo by an old school friend from the Steiner School.”

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The pair married under s stunning floral arch created by Katie, Beatrice telling, “The wedding arch was amazing, full of clean tones and pops of color. Just our style! The theme all blended in well with our beautiful hand drawn invites too. It was lovely to all be outside in the nature with kids and our dog roaming around!! There are pictures of us under the arch with the dog which I love.” Beatrice chose a gown from Le Louvre.

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The flower girl was the star of the show, Beatrice noting, “Our flower girl, little Hazel aged 4 was the best!! She declared the day of the wedding that this was her wedding day and I would be her bride! Too cute and she really relaxed me a lot.”

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Of their photographer, Beatrice notes “Zoe was fantastic. She was really calm and fun to be around and just floated in and out capturing beautiful shots. It was actually really lovely having her around. It was also so great that she got some shots of Steve before the wedding as often wedding photos miss the groom. Zoe has a unique style that works so well in wide open spaces and it was perfect for the Butterland venue.”

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Before dinner, guests gathered for the speeches, Beatrice remembering, “The best man’s speech was just perfect.”

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Fig and Salt created tasty treats for wedding guests to feast on, Beatrice remarking, “Fig and Salt did the catering and they were amazing!! I am SO disappointed we both missed out on all the cheese and meat platters which look amazing in the photos. The food was excellent and the cake bar was out of this world. Cassandra from Fig and Salt went above and beyond with every request. I am SO glad we used her.”

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Of the first dance, Beatrice tells, “We had a few swing dance lessons for fun in order to dance to Jurassic 5’s song ‘Swingset’. We really should have had more!! But the whole thing was hilarious in the end as we were under-practiced and our jealous dog kept barking! It was a very fun thing to do! I had a beautiful second outfit from Aje and the dance was a nice entry for that.”

Congratulations on your marriage Beatrice and Steve! Thank you for sharing your stories with us! A big thank you to Zoe McMahon Photography  for sharing this wedding with us!