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Peggie & Dave

Marrying her best friend Dave on a idyllic Spring afternoon in Brisbane City’s Botanic Gardens, Peggie has such fond memories of when they both met. “It was the day before Valentine’s Day. I had just finished a big day at work when a few ladies and I decided to head out for a drink. After replacing dinner with a few bottles of wine, my boss Beth noticed a bunch of good looking ‘roosters’ on the table next to us and decided to play cupid. She ended up talking to Dave and introduced me. I remember he had a cheeky smile and was very charming.”

Peggie had just accepted a job in Canberra, but the new couple decided to keep dating for the next few months anyway. “I was hopeful that we would keep in touch and secretly hoped he would move to Canberra with me, but it was too early to tell!” After a couple of months into Peggy’s new job and a few trips back and forth from Brisbane, Dave moved to Canberra. “I was the happiest girl on earth. We moved in together and never looked back.”

As a wedding gift, Dave’s parents gave the couple three nights at The Emporium Hotel in Brisbane. “The suite was such a luxury, and was even big enough for me and all the girls to get ready.”



“Paula and Jade from The Powder Room did an amazing job with our hair and make-up, with Peggie remembering, “I couldn’t have been happier. I was meant to do the flower girls’ hair but was still busily writing my speech, so Paula was kind enough to do their hair too which was a huge help to me.”




“I had my heart set on finding a full length lace wedding gown and after an exhaustive search across three states, I fell in love with my dream dress at The Sposa Group in Sydney. The diamante appliqué which I wore at the waist was found on Etsy.



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Peggie also loved the couple’s choice of vintage cars, remembering “they were such a fun ride to our ceremony at the Wedding Lawn at the Brisbane City Botanic Gardens.”


Dave and his groomsmen enjoyed getting ready at his parents’ house. “Inspired by the Mad Men television programme, the groomsmen’s gift box contained a crystal ‘man glass’ and mini bottles of scotch so they could enjoy a toast before the ceremony, with a cigar for later in the night.”






With the jacaranda trees in full bloom at the Brisbane City Botanic Gardens, Peggie walked down the aisle to Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat’s  ‘Lucky I’m in Love with My Best Friend’. “This was special to us as Dave and I often apart for weeks at a time and the lyrics talk about being ‘lucky to be coming home again’. It’s so true – I still well up when I hear it.”




“Celebrant Clarah Luxford was an invaluable help to us in the lead up to our wedding day. She lent us her book of verses which helped Dave and I write our vows. We would have been lost without it. Clarah also took care of all the legal side of things and gave us plenty of advice on what happens after the wedding day, for example, what I needed to do to change my name.”







“Dave loves delicious cured meats and fine cheese, so we ensured it was in plentiful supply as we celebrated with guests after the ceremony. “We ask Style My Celebration to style the drinks and charcuterie table in the Gardens. I styled the background elements and sourced some of the vessels, but the food styling blew me away.”



“With special meaning, my sister Amanda, who is also a florist, designed the bouquets. I was so thrilled with the modern arrangements of traditional and unusual blooms, including mini pineapples, succulents and Phalaenopsis orchids. My stunning bridal bouquet included Arum lillies, green mini anthuriums, white roses, white snapdragons and freesias.”





Peggie and Dave’s reception was held at the Brisbane City Hall in the deco inspired Brisbane Room. “Whilst our guests enjoyed celebratory drinks and canapes in the courtyard, we excitedly spent some time together looking at how the reception room had come together and laughed about our heartfelt  ceremony. We were so lucky that our bridal party and family all pitched in to help us set up the room the day before, with Kelly from Bella Blooms Floral Designs arranging the huge Monstera leaves while we were all getting ready on the day.”



Peggie was indeed very lucky as her sister also owns and runs Adorn Event Hire, so “it was fun spending time together styling the wedding.” One of my favourite interior design styles is British Colonial, so choosing that as our theme, the reception featured a combination of lush tropical leaves, natural elements and relaxed luxury interiors. “It was just like taking a quick trip to the Bahamas.”




The couple’s theme centered around the bold banana leaf fabric table overlays which Peggie’s Mum made for the wedding. “I also decorated the reception with many eclectic ‘kick knacks’ which I had collected over the years “to give it a layered look.”


Peg_Dave_Bridal 1

Peg_Dave_Bridal 2


“Following our theme, Baked Cakes and Cupcakery created a wonderful layered cake including a Pina Colada cake with coconut butter creme, lemon cake with vanilla butter creme and chocolate cake with orange butter creme. Decorated with delicate white orchids and green leaves, it was my perfect cake; it was simple yet stunning and the taste was to die for!”


“Following the heartfelt speeches, our guests enjoyed treats from the delicious dessert bar. Every time I look at these photographs, I want to go back there and eat it all again.



Peg_Dave_Speech 1






“Our first dance as husband and wife was to Etta James ‘At Last'”.



The image of Peggie with her Dad is one of her favourites.  “We were both in tears dancing together – we were so happy.” Bree and Ryan from Alcorn Images took the photographs of the day. “They really captured the emotion of the night, which we will treasure forever. They were both very cool, calm and collected. You hardly noticed they were there.”



After throwing her bouquet, Peggie changed into an emerald green dress before joining her new husband and guests on the dance floor.




Leaving their magical night of celebrations, the newlyweds received a sparkling send off before they headed back to the hotel.




“As we headed off to Hawaii for our honeymoon, we couldn’t help thinking about our absolutely unforgettable day. Our cheeks were so sore for a few days after from smiling so much. We felt very blessed that we had perfect weather on the day and were surrounded by our beautiful family and friends.”

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Ms Chinoiserie says: I love the way that finding a special piece of fabric can set the theme for your entire wedding – from bridesmaids’ dresses and botanical table runners to bouquets and flowers; even your ‘going away’ dress. Congratulations Peggie and Dave!

About Peggie:
I live in Queanbeyan New South Wales and work in Canberra as a media and communications advisor. I also have a passion for interior design and homewares which I indulge through my online store Luca & Eve. I was a florist for a short time so I’m a little obsessed with all things Botanica. One of my favourite interior design styles is British Colonial so I wanted the wedding to have that look and feel. I love the combination of lush tropical flora, natural elements and relaxed yet luxe interiors; as if you were taking a trip to the Bahamas. I’m still smiling looking back at the photos, it was such a great day! Perfect weather, surrounded by family and friends.