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Alexia & Marc

This glam restaurant wedding from Jessie Dains Photography will make you want to go to you wardrobe and find an outfit fit for attendance. From the beautiful garden ceremony where the couple were literally surrounded by their family and friends, to the chic restaurant reception filled with blooms, coloured glass and candlelight. I’ll don my heels and see you there!

Alexia tells the story of how they came to be. “We met at my work one day when Marc came in as a customer. We got chatting and after some friendly Facebooking Marc asked me on a date. I said no of course. (Treat ‘em mean keep ‘em keen right girls?!). However after I kept running into Marc over the next month, I thought fate was telling me something, so I contacted him and asked him out! ”

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Alexia chose a gown by The Babushka Ballerina and added a lace trimmed veil designed by Anna Campbell. Her bridesmaids wore dark grey gowns from White Runway.

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The groom and groomsmen wore suits by Calibre.

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Alexia and Marc chose The Landing at Dockside Kangaroo Point for their marriage ceremony, the bride noting, “We toyed up with the idea of a night time ceremony, but lighting and time for photos made us shelve it. We also wanted to give everyone a chance to let their hair down and have the next day off, but didn’t want to be slapped with Saturday night venue hire fees. So we looked for a Sunday that had a public holiday on the Monday, and hoorah, an Easter Sunday wedding was born!

We wanted an outdoor ceremony however struggled to find a spot. We played with a million ideas (rocks out to sea for instance) however it just clicked one day that we walk our dogs on the most precious piece of lawn at Kangaroo Point every day. Why not get married there?”

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Black and white graphic touches set the modern, glamorous style of the day. Alexia telling, “We made fans which doubled as sun visors and a who’s who of the bridal party.”

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Of her walk down the aisle, Alexia remembers, “I chose The Piano Guys amazing cover of ‘A Thousand Years’. Once we were announced man and wife our very favourite (and very 80’s) song ‘You Can Call Me Al’ by Paul Simon blasted out for our recessional.”

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Of their photographer, Alexia says, “A friend of ours suggested Josh at Jessie Dains. He had shared a creative open office with Josh and after one look at their online portfolio we knew they were who we wanted to capture the day. We wanted a mix of fashion and industrial, nothing too posy and a location that was raw. Josh and Shan met the brief perfectly. They made everyone feel relaxed, and when we showed them the location we were after for our shoot, I don’t know who was more excited, us or them!”

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Alexia and Marc chose Peasant Restaurant for their reception, decorating tables with simple white blooms, coloured glassware and plenty of candle light. Alexia telling, “The reception was a friend of the groom’s. Our biggest fear was round tables of 10 and satin chair sashes. We love entertaining at home so wanted it to feel like we were just shouting everyone to dinner, so we started looking at restaurants. Marc suggested The Barracks in Paddington and after one glance at the courtyard of Peasant; we knew we had found it. The space is amazing with such minimal styling needed.”

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As favoors, Alexia tells “We burnt a CD of all the songs we used at the wedding and reception and gave those as gifts.”

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Guitarist Elias Haralampou performed during the wedding, the bride noting, “We loved the idea of live music but didn’t want an overpowering band. We had seen Spanish guitarist Elias play at the markets so we got in touch with him and he was brilliant. We’re still friends now and he even went and visited by brother at his home in Greece on a recent trip!”

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“We sanded back some old window frames and created a great Polaroid guest book with some string and pegs. These were also fun projects we did together and gave Marc a chance to be involved.”

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One of the bride’s favourite moments was her speech on the night, she tells, “Anyone who knows me knows I’m a blubbering mess when it comes to speaking nice words. I wanted to make a speech however knew I’d just be a mess, so I thought I’d add some humour. Instead of the sentimental piece everyone was expecting from me, I wrote and sang a song about how I thought Marc was gay when we met. It brought the house down and made Marc’s night.”

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The night had only just begun when the newlyweds floored everyone with their first dance, the bride recounting, “We didn’t want to do a traditional waltz after a cake cutting (we didn’t even have a cake, we’re salty snack kind of folks) but wanted to do something fun. We watched some YouTube and put together a swing routine in our hallway at home. It had lifts and splits and the works. We made our entrance to our reception to a big band number and blew everyone away. We kept it a secret from everybody!”

Congratulations on your marriage Alexia and Marc. Thank you for sharing your wedding with us. Thank you also to Jessie Dains Photography for sharing today’s lovely images!