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Miguel Cuevas of Flavours of Spain

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Spain has many regions separated by mountain systems so historically ingredients and food have been very different across the country. Luckily most of our famous dishes are of a festive nature so in your wedding you can have the best of each region.

Spanish cuisine has evolved into a more modern approach to tapas and also bigger dishes that can be shared on special occasions. These can be integrated into any wedding by having the best of each region all gracefully combined into an excellent Spanish menu that offers variety and originality.

Imagine having not only only tapas but also a leg of ham and a master slicer cutting it thin and long for maximum taste. Fresh pears stuffed with melted blue cheese and nuts, 6 or 12 month cured Manchego cheese boards with Spanish quince. How about porterhouse bites with rock salt finger tapa-sized, Spanish meatballs with Romesco sauce and rocket salad. Top it all off with the star of them all, a huge paella pan with a variety of fresh seafood or chicken and chorizo or even better a mix of them all! Paellas are always a winner because they have the visual impact, you can see the chef cooking them and even better your guests can smell the amazing ingredients as they are cooked onsite!

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In some weddings in Spain you can find all of the above tapas as finger tapas for guests cooked onsite to eat fresh and warm while they are standing. The paella is served as a main followed by some tasty Spanish cakes for dessert. In other weddings in a more formal setting it will be served as a sitting down option.

Some parties will only have one type of entrée i.e. a master slicer cutting Jamon Serrano for everyone all the time and perhaps Manchego cheese for the vegetarians and then the paella as a main.

Whatever you choose you are assured to have a treat of the colours and flavours of Spain on your palate!

Buen provecho (enjoy your meal)!

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Miguel Cuevas of Sydney Spanish catering company Flavours Of Spain is the ambassador of the Paella in Australia by Wikipaella and he will also travel with a team of Australian chefs to Sueca in September this year representing Australia in the International Paella Championship 2014 in Spain

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