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Tilly & Trin

If you love to forage at your local farmer’s market for the best in local produce then today’s wedding is completely up your alley. Tilly and Trin were inspired by the Farmers Markets, inviting guests to select fresh, local produce from the ‘wedding market’ and fill hessian bags to take home and create their own feasts with. Tigs Macallan captured the beautiful day, a Winter celebration as the sun set.

Tilly and Trin tell their story. “We met through our respective housemates at the time who were work colleagues at the same organisation. They had been talking for a while about setting us up, so we finally arranged a catch up with the four of us in a local bar, super relaxed!”

farmers market wedding001

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Tilly wore her grandmother’s wedding dress on her wedding day (how wonderful is that?). Tilly remembers. “I felt very honoured to be wearing my Grandmother’s wedding dress from 1938 and my mum’s slip from 1960. It was a complete surprise for everyone and my aunt cried when she saw I was wearing her mum’s dress it was such a special moment. Trin picked up on the fact that I had gone for a vintage look, but wasn’t aware (until I filled him in) just how genuine and sentimental the vintage element was!”

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Tilly designed the dresses for her bridesmaids.

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Tilly and Trin chose Seville Hill Winery for their wedding.

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Tilly walked down the aisle to an acoustic guitar and harmonica version of Jack Johnson’s ‘Better Together’ played by Barry Tudor.

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Cassie Duncan performed the marriage ceremony.

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Of their photographer, Tilly and Trin tell, “Tigs is simply fantastic. She is one of those people who are genuinely sincere and engaged in your moment, seeing opportunity to really bring out your personality through her art. Finding nooks and crannies bringing them to life to capture what makes sense for you and who you are. We used the areas of our property and Tigs found some light that was incredible on the day filtering through the wisteria on our property in one part of our fernery. We also walked with my horses which was truly special for me, as they have been such a significant part of my life. There were some fabulous shots taken using the reflection around one of our dams, the hayshed also scored an invite into the album of shots as did our final moments in the paddocks before the sun shifted behind the hills.”

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Keeping in line with the Farmers Market feel, the couple’s venue Seville Hill Winery served a home style feast for dinner. Tilly and Trin remarking, “The venue Seville Hill Winery were always really easy going and great to deal with and no doubt contributed to the relaxed and fun vibe of the day. Proprietors John and Josie are lovely people with their Italian heritage Josie knows her way around the kitchen and prepared all the fabulous home-style food with help from many assistants and John can make a mean pinot and cab sav!”

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Each guest was able to shop the couple’s very own farmers market, they explain. “We decided we wanted to give our guests a gift from the region, a place that is very special to us. We are always warmed by country regions and supporting the local producers, so we decided to promote the local area and it’s produce by having a ‘wedding market’ where guests were given little hessian bags to fill with fruits and vegetables including specially sourced mini pumpkins. It was fantastic fun and we received so many photos of delicious veggie soups that our guests had created after the wedding, it was the gift that just kept giving! You’ll see from the photos the wedding market and array of fresh regional produce that was available.”

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“We DIY’d most of the wedding, the flowers were from Tilly’s Mum’s and friends’ gardens, we loved the simple, natural bouquets. All the name places were made from the only giant gum tree at Tilly’s Mum’s property with these luscious leaves. Trin’s mum made our stunning wedding cake which was absolutely delightful and we had a second one made so we could cut it and wrap it up before hand so that we could give everyone a piece of the deliciousness!”

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“We both love winter and open fires so decided on an August wedding and were blessed with a sunny 23 degree afternoon! But as the afternoon temperature dropped guests were warmed with soup as part of the canapes and a couple of fire boxes burning some solid red gum to keep warm.”

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For their first dance, Tilly and Trin chose a style that reflected their experiences together, they tell, “The dance we decided on doing was an Argentinian tango – generally not an easy dance for humble tango beginners such as ourselves! However we chose it as we had both spent time in Argentina, with Tilly living there for 2 years and Trin visiting for a few months. We had a few lessons and managed to nail it on the night so we enjoyed the moment and what it meant for us both.”

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Congratulations on your marriage Tilly and Trin! Thank you for sharing your day with us! Thank you also to Tigs Macallan for sharing today’s wedding with us.