Image by Sarah Rowlands Lovelight Photography via Groom Style – Dominic

When it comes time to decide what colour suit you want for your big day, there are many important factors to consider: budget, formality, and of course, your bride. For couples looking to stay classic but modern, grey is the colour for you. Let’s cover some basic benefits of a grey suit before diving into our favourite shades.

Choosing a colour that allows you to wear your suit after the big day is a smart move. Unlike your bride, you can get multiple uses out of a well-made custom-fitted grey suit. Plus, your groomsmen will thank you for the versatile addition to their closet.

It can be tempting to feed into the trends of now; we saw cobalt and navy suits rise to popularity in 2013. However, when you’re looking back ten, twenty, and thirty years later you won’t want what was trendy then but rather a timeless colour that can last throughout the ages. Stick with a classic base and add personal, quirky touches to make it your own.

Image by Kwintowski Photography via Kayla and Dom’s Traditional Spring Brisbane Wedding

Shades Of Grey

1. Cloud Grey

Perfect for summer or spring weddings, light grey will brighten any wedding party. If your wedding colours are pastels or in the beige family, a light grey will pair perfectly.  For tie/bow tie options, lavender or dusty pink will match well with the understated light grey. Pair with black, brown, or tan shoes.

2. Battleship Grey

We love a classic grey for a groom. Dark enough for winter but still bright enough for a summer wedding, this tone can be matched with almost any colour. Just remember that with lighter colours any fit imperfections will be highlighted. Order a made to measure suit or spend time getting it altered to ensure the perfect fit. Want to play into the hipster trend this year? Throw on a pair of tortoise shell glasses and a burnt orange pocket square to complete the look.

3. Ash Grey

Ash is a rich but still medium-grey tone.  We find clients favour this colour for their groomsmen or father-of-the-bride. A bright yellow dahlia boutonniere or bow-tie will complement this tone. Classic and clean perfection.

4. Slate Grey

Slate grey is close to black but still has tones of grey. This is a great choice if you want to go classic with a tuxedo but keep the tone soft. This colour looks great paired with bold colours like coral, teal, or violet. Again, this is a great choice for groomsmen or father-of-the-bride because it’s wearable and looks mature. Steer away from brown and tan shoes, dark grey needs to be paired with black or navy.

5. Charcoal Grey

Charcoal is a great alternative to black or midnight blue.  Softer on the eyes and in photos, this colour matches with a wide range of accents, but some trendy favourites are saffron and apple.


 It’s hard to go wrong with any shade of grey, but one rule of thumb is to keep the groom in either a lighter or darker shade than his groomsmen.  This will help him to clearly stand out but still look cohesive in photos.


Ms Gingham says: So much scope for classic grey!

About the Author: Alexis Goodrich is the suit stylist for Joe Button, an online retailer that allows customers to get made-to-measure dress shirts and suits at an affordable price.