Leonie and Aaron’s Outdoor Bush Wedding

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Leonie and Aaron

Leonie and Aaron were set on having an outdoor bush wedding. So they found a gorgeous spot (J.C. Slaughter Falls at the foot of Mt Coot-tha) and set about bringing absolutely in- chairs, tables (which the groom made!), festoon lighting- the works! They had no back up plan, this was how it was going to happen – and happen it did! beautifully, spectacularly and stylishly , all captured by Judd Green of Juddric Photography. I love when a plan comes off!

Leonie tells their story. “We met through online dating and had our first date at mini golf. Aaron then proposed at the same place a few years later. It was raining but he was determined to get the ring on my finger that day. We played in the rain and when I got to the second last hole the ring was there waiting for me. Aaron got down on one knee and ask if I would be his wife – YES!!!”

Lauren Forrest (Little Lace Weddings And Events) set up and coordinated the ‘day of wedding’ plans. Leonie remarking, “We couldn’t have set the whole thing up without the amazing skills and commitment of Lauren Forrest and her staff from Little Lace. She made it all come together and sorted all the little details and issues that came up on the day.”

Leonie and Aaron were married at JC Slaughter Falls, Bush Chapel, Mount Coot-tha. Leonie tells, “We wanted an outdoor bush wedding with a rustic feel close to Brisbane. It took a bit of searching but we finally found the Bush Chapel and picnic area at JC Slaughter falls, Mount Coot-tha. The bush chapel is so natural and simple and had a relaxed charm about it that was perfect for us.”

Leonie walked down the aisle to Drowning – Backstreet Boys.

“The location was great, so natural, rustic and different. The weather forecast gave us some scares leading up to the day but the weather was sublime and the outdoor ceremony was everything we ever wanted.”

Lynette Maguire performed the ceremony, Leonie remembering, “Our celebrant Lynette Maguire was hilarious, she was so engaging. We wanted our guests to be part of the ceremony and feel involved and they all commented how great and personal the ceremony was.”

Leonie loved, “Having our dog Holly be the ring bearer and taking a nap on my dress after the ceremony was perfect. She did such a good job and made for an awwwww moment.”

Of the couple’s photographer, Leonie notes, “The amazing Judd and Daina Green. They turned up nice and early while I was still in my pj’s and brushing my teeth to capture every part of the day from start to finish. My bridesmaids and I had the best time getting ready with Judd and Daina who joined in on all the frivolity. We now have many ‘in jokes’ that are continuing well after the wedding. Daina and her wedding knowledge, showing the girls how to lace me into my dress securely was invaluable.

They became part of our wedding and all our guests thought they must be our friends, saying goodbye at the end of the night seemed wrong. They helped us feel relaxed and at ease (except for the blisters from the walking Judd made me do to get an amazing shot – it was worth it). The DVD of the pictures was the most amazing thing to watch and Judd captured all the best moments perfectly.”

“Our wedding was the most amazing day of our lives. I remember sitting down with Aaron a few days before and saying ‘why didn’t we just elope – this is stressful!’ However, the night of the wedding once it was all over, we had had such a great time that we just wanted to do it all over again.”

The reception was close by – held at the JC Slaughter Falls, Picnic Area, Mount Coot-tha . Leonie remarking, “The picnic area is very basic and we had to bring in everything from tables and cutlery to toilets and power. We were determined to have an outdoor event under the stars and so we took the risk of not booking a marquee and instead organising a light bulb canopy. There were so many great photo opportunities nearby so we could get back and start the party ASAP.”

“Finding the perfect items for the wedding at a reasonable price proved difficult so we ended up getting involved with a few DIY items. Aaron made the trestle tables, it took a while but they came up beautiful. I made the button bouquets, the alter and wedding signs, the lolly buffet, the photo frame props, the table decorations and put together the table flower arrangements. I love my bouquets, they were special because I had put the time and effort into making them perfectly.”

Leonie and Aaron imported the lights to make sure their reception was lit up with a touch of magic “The most important detail of the wedding and the thing that everything else was planned around was our light bulb canopy. We ordered in string lights from America and custom made bulbs from China so that it was just right. There were a few dramas getting the bulbs in the country and after a long stay in customs they were released to us 2 days before the wedding. They had very strict conditions of use and so were for 1 night only, never to be seen again! It was a little stressful not having the hero piece until a few days before but it was worth it!”

Mondo Organics catered the wedding and made the wedding cake! Leonie telling, “The wedding was catered by Mondo Organics and the food was amazing! The guests were all commenting on the flavours and everyone had a different favourite dish. The banquet style gave the feeling of a big family gathering.”

Radio Club Band kept guests on the dance floor under the stars, Leonie remembering the couple’s first dance. “We had Radio Club Band playing for our wedding reception. We requested they learn one of our favourite songs – Touched by Love, Eran James. Our dance was simple and relaxed and once our bridal party joined in it was amazingly fun. They joined hands in a circle around us and so the faces of the friends we loved most were surrounding us and smiling.”


“The band was great but one of my friends had some of my favourite daggy songs on her ipod and managed to get them on during one of the breaks. I was talking to someone and then heard the start of a song, I just got up and ran to the dance floor to boogy on down with the girls. No night out is complete without a bit of Backstreets back in my opinion.”

Leonie remembers, “My favourite part was sitting at our table and looking around and seeing all the people that mean the world to us in one place. When they all formed the walkway with sparklers it was a moment to remember. Having done so many DIY things for the reception and seeing it all come together into the perfect wedding made it all the more intimate and special.”

Congratulations Leonie and Aaron! Thank you for sharing the story of your day with us! Thank you also to Judd Green of Juddric Photography for sharing the photography with us!

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