Tiarni and Deon

The surprise wedding of Tiarni and Deon was held on their farm, located just outside of Bendemeer. Deon’s family owns a nursery and ensured the property looked in ship shape for the wedding day. After eleven years together, the couple decided to surprise their guests

Of how they met, the couple answer together. “Tiarni couldn’t resist Deon’s impressive dance moves (the sprinkler, lawn mower etc) at a local Tamworth night club eleven and a half years ago. After twelve months of going on picnics, bowling and going on the usual dates at the movies they moved in together and have been together ever since. ”

Photographs are by Wanted Imagery who has captured the fun essence of the day.

Tiarni chose a beautiful gown from Studibaker.

Tiarni and Deon remember, “90% of the wedding was DIY. Besides the bride’s bouquet and button holes, the flowers were arranged the night before for the bar tables etc. Decorating scheme was designed and made by the couple. There was music that ran all day through the garden, playing a mixture of blues and alternate tracks was collated by the groom and will be sent out to all guests with the thank-you message incorporated in the CD cover. The catering was mostly prepared by the bride and a couple of family members with a cook and wait staff hired for the day to do the final cooking and serving. The cake was a gift and made by an old family friend. The invitations were all designed, printed and folded into origami hearts by the bride and her mother. ”

Tiarni walked down the aisle to Ben Harper’s “By My Side”.

Tiarni and Deon recall, “The formalities of the hand binding ceremony took place in the “bush chapel” at the front of the property surrounded by large granite rocks and local gums where guests either stood or were seated intimately in front of the couple.”

Tiarni says “Our day was honest and couldn’t have represented us as a couple more. Fun, relaxed and full of love!”

They remember, “After signing the necessary certificates close by to the ceremony site, the couple then whisked the photographer down to a special spot only 100m down the road from their property where the couple like to go for a swim or to just unwind. ” Aunty Jax Florist created the bridal party flowers including an orange tulip bouquet for the bride.

Of their photographer, they say, “Rebecca Essery from Wanted Imagery was the photographer for the day and was one of the few that were in on the surprise wedding. Tiarni had seen Bec’s work from her blog and thought that she would be the photographer that would best convey the emotions and atmosphere of the day. Bec fit into the informal events of the day seamlessly. We couldn’t have been happier.”

“The rest of the reception involved drinks and canapes (Thai fish cakes, corn fritters, moneybags etc) around the garden where games of ping-pong and croquet were played. ”

Tiarni remembers, “The day before the wedding was when the east coast experienced a cold snap with the hired marquees being erected in sleet with a maximum of 5 degrees Celsius. The clear sky dances that were performed must have worked as the day of the wedding was a perfect warm day with some guests getting a little sunburnt! ”

The couple describe the wedding as, “A relaxed garden party Surprise wedding, with friends and family, filled with fun and laughter….”

The wedding cake was made by a family friend and tapped into a special shared love of the newlyweds, who explain, “The bride gave the groom Volkswagen Kombi cufflinks on the day. The bride’s orange tulips represented the grooms Dutch heritage. The beetle on the cake was a replica of the one currently owned by the couple, even down to the number plate.”

Instead of a guestbook, the wedding guests signed something a little different, Tiarni and Deon explain. “Instead of guests signing a book, they were asked to sign a 1960’s Volkswagen beetle engine lid. This will be hung in the couple’s dining room as they have a passion for Volkswagens.”

Congratulations Tiarni and Deon! Thank you for sharing your wedding day with us! Thank you also to Wanted Imagery for sharing today’s images!