Brooke & John

I can’t get over how romantic and beautiful today’s wedding is. It’s simply beautiful, being held in the backyard of a Paddington terrace.

Brooke explains how they met. “We met when John was my  client but it wasn’t until I invited John to a client function that my heart went aflutter. John was a very special client after that :)”

Beautiful photography today from David Campbell Imagery. I love the happiness coming through in the photos- candid laughter, tight hugs.

Brooke and John held their wedding at a private residence in Paddington, Sydney, Brooke remarks, “I remember the generosity of my brother in law David and his wife Jennifer to open their home for our wedding and to our guests.”

The bouquets and floral arrangements were styled by Gemma Bainbrigge from Lotus Botanica (02) 9233 3222. Brooke remembers, “She was amazing. Gemma was referred by a mutual friend a week out from the wedding and came on board with total enthusiasm. Again not armed with much of a brief other than she knew there had to be masses of flowers in varying shades of white the rest was left up to her. She also put together my beautiful posy at the 11th hour (I hadn’t given any thought to it) – the results were spectacular.”

Brooke chose a gown from Little Joe.

The styling and elements of the wedding were pulled together  plenty of the couple’s loved ones, Brooke explains. “To be honest I could not have pulled the wedding together without some the talents of friends and family; I’m good with ideas but not so great in the execution. How my stylist girlfriend, Felicity Smith, managed to make sense of where I was coming from is a testament to her talents but what I wanted was masses of flowers and ambient lighting which is exactly how she put it together. My favourite detail was the hanging tealights in the tree and the wonderful warm glow of the candles.”

Brooke walked down the aisle to ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole.

Brooke describes the wedding as, “A day that was filled with much love, merriment and simplicity.” David Nettle performed the ceremony.

Of their photographer, Brooke says, “We didn’t really have a brief other than the fact that we both wanted relaxed shots and from the moment we met Dave John & I were comfortable that he knew what we were about. We put our absolute trust in Dave and because of that he captured exactly what we wanted. The photos are not only gorgeous but they show EVERYONE having such a great time. He nailed it!”

A ruffle wedding cake was a sweet end to the day Brooke explains. “I do have to mention the cake as well. Yet another detail I hadn’t given much thought and left the scope to my wonderful aunt Kathy, who has a burgeoning cake business ( Kathy McMahon Cakes 0407 503 174 ). The result was incredible. It was a two tiered cream coloured butter cream cake – the bottom layer was red velvet, the top layer was white chocolate. The cake was served with Bambino Gelato Cones. For what must be a first at a wedding, there was no cake left at the end of the night; simply delicious!”

Food Lab were chosen as the wedding caterers. Brooke says “Because the wedding was to be a cocktail party the brief to the caterers, Foodlab (David Gisonda & Renato Terminini) was that the food be plentiful. We decided upon 3 smaller canapés and 2 substantial dishes that could be eaten standing up without difficulty. As it was the middle of winter we wanted to ensure that everyone was well sated. Foodlab’s serving staff were attentive and ensured that glasses were filled and that service was spread across the party, not just in one area.”

Brooke remarks, “John and I wanted a small wedding and the garden was the perfect spot. It was intimate and with 30 odd guests it was the perfect size without appearing too spacious or crowded. It looked like a magical wonderland with all the fairy lights and candles aglow.”

There was no dancing, though Brooke says “There may have been a little bit of ‘krumping’ attempted by John albeit for 5 seconds.”

Congratulations Brooke and John! Thank you for sharing your wedding day with us! Thank you also to David Campbell Imagery for sharing today’s wedding with us!