Ben and Kirstie

Ben and I met while working together at a hospital. We became good friends and shortly after that our friendship blossomed into love. I had my wedding dress at least 6 months before the William and Kate’s Royal wedding which ended up having many similarities to my own dress which was a design by Roz la Kelin who is from Brides Couture in Fortitude Valley. So of course when I saw her step out in her dress I was shocked and had to tell everyone that I had the dress and ideas first!! lol  It is a dress with a bolero jacket over the top to create the formal look I wanted.

The ceremony was at the Broadway Chapel in Wooloongabba and our flowers were from Over The Top Floristry. I had wanted to reflect the look that I had just scooped up a bunch of field flowers.

I ended up wearing red velvet shoes as the ones I ordered online were hideous when I received them – nothing like the picture!

We both share a passion for great food and wine and wanted our wedding celebrations to reflect this. One of my favourite foods is Japanese so when we looked into having our wedding reception at Sono it just seemed to all fall into place. Ben loves simple, clean lines and ‘different’ and I love everything romantic and french. So his style was reflected in our photography and Sono Restaurant’s clean and elegant style. While mine was found in my all over french lace wedding dress and whimsical field-like flower arrangements.

Photography by Todd Hunter McGaw

Ms Gingham says: A stunningly classic wedding with the type of twist of quirkiness that only Todd Hunter McGaw can bring! Many thanks to Todd for facilitating this post and a huge thanks to Kirstie for writing it from her honeymoon in southern France and Spain!