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Todd was born with a camera where his head should be...

Rather than write a long fluffy piece that, (a) is designed to make you feel all warm & sqwishy on the inside, & (b) you have likely heard before.. Just know that our photography is real, and creative..  real, and creative in the kind of way that when you look at your wedding album for the first time, (and the last time), you’ll say.. “Woh.. It’s like being there again”. THEN, you’ll feel all warm & sqwishy on the inside 🙂

You are different, we are different… some how that makes us the same?


How To Avoid Being Overwhelmed By Your Wedding: Tips From One Introvert To Another

There are many different types of introverts, and I fit into the sensitive closet type. In essence, I have a proclivity toward feeling and thinking that resulted in a tendency to process things on a deeper level. Every wedding I go to, feeling the deep connection of a couple, having connected conversations with people are […]

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Groom Style – Mitch

This romantic pair chose their favourite time of day to say ‘I do’ – dawn. Unlike many couples, they embraced the early morning start and shared a celebratory breakfast for their reception. Mitch was a competitive cyclist with fashion not his forté, so Brooke brought in some extra hands to help with the groom’s attire […]

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Groom Style – Luke

In a relaxed and rustic winery wedding, Tamara and Luke celebrated with friends and family. They said ‘I do’ as they sipped wine and danced the night away! Tamara details Luke’s outfit choices for the day.All suits were from Joseph Uzumcu, shoes all from Aquila and the boys were all wearing AussieBum undies.  

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Inspired Words – Steph

How do you describe such a beautifully unique and natural couple?! Steph and Michael took their vows seriously, but weren’t fussed with tradition or their special day being about anything other than them as a couple. Inspired by famous musicians, they forged their own wedding path and with delightful success! The blushing bride Steph shares […]

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Steph & Michael’s Quirky & Urban Brisbane Wedding

Steph & MichaelThis job never fails to make me fall in love with humankind: the stories we get to share, the people we get to meet, the differences we get to explore. And for our first real life wedding for 2019, could we be any more excited? This pair did their first look in a junk […]

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Snapshot Sunday – Long Shadows

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Jenna & Lawrence’s Luxurious Industrial Jewish Wedding

Jenna & LawrenceThere is no doubt that this luxurious industrial Jewish wedding has got it all, from dancing to romance to florals hanging from the ceiling – and all with a stunning Sydney Harbour backdrop! Todd Hunter Mcgaw captured every beautiful moment.Jenna tells of how true love can overcome the unlikeliest of beginnings! She remembers, ”Lawrence and […]

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Brooke & Mitch’s Northern Territory Sunrise Wedding

Brooke & MitchWhen lovers of the dawn hours Brooke and Mitch decided to tie the knot, they couldn’t imagine a better way to do it than at their favourite time of day. As the golden dawn broken over their waterside Northern Territory beach house, Brooke and Mitch said their vows. Reception celebrations followed with breakfast […]

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Tamara & Luke’s Rustic Adelaide Hills Winery Wedding

Tamara & LukeTamara and Luke’s rustic Adelaide Hills winery wedding captures exactly what this beautiful hearted couple wanted for their day – a day of rustic filled celebrations that celebrated their love of wine, of friends and family and of course each other. The couple chose Todd Hunter McGaw  to capture their day.The newlyweds tell […]

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Snapshot Sunday – Special Love

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