Emma and Marc

I need to be upfront today. I don’t know how to write about today’s wedding, I don’t know how to put into words how much it touched me, how much I felt the story needed to be told.

Emma and Marc originally planned to elope. They’d planned their elopement for a long time and planned to surprise everyone with a big party upon their return. As stories often go, the unexpected happened and Marc’s mother was told cancer had taken over her body and she only had a short time left (two weeks)- her greatest wish was to see her son Marc marry Emma. In four days, the couple came together with their loved ones and planned a beautiful wedding day, which Marc’s mother was there to witness. Just a week later, Marc’s mother passed away. Four months later, the couple traveled to Venice for their elopement.

Emma tells the story of how she and Marc met. “We worked at the same shopping centre for many years and would always give each other a smile or a “hi” when walking past each other’s shops but never spoke, Marc was friends with Emma’s boss and told her he thought I was “cute”. My boss told him he “didn’t stand a chance” until a few weeks later he asked me out on a date. ”

Photographs today are by Cookoo Design & Photography who has graceful , intuitive, beautiful photographs of the day.

It poured all day long and both the bride and groom were late! Emma recalls “Marc didn’t realize the time on the day and ran late to the ceremony because he was playing golf with his brother in law. When my dad went to pick me up on the day, our British Bulldog knew something was happening and tried to jump in the mustang in the pouring rain. I had to chase her back inside in the pouring rain and therefore also ran 25 minutes late (and wet ) to the wedding.”

Emma recalls “Everything was DIY. Every family member who attended was given a task. A cake was baked, curtains were sewn, each balloon blown and strung, home made punch from mum. The whole day seemed so special because our family had all contributed something to make it feel so precious.”

One of Emma’s favourite moments was her dad driving her to the ceremony. She remarks, “I loved my dad driving me to the ceremony in his vintage mustang (he swore he would never drive it in the rain ;)”

Emma wore a beautiful blue and silver gown fromEileen Kirby. The flowers were by Joyce Campbell at Hawthorne Garage.

Emma and Marc were married at Emma’s Aunty’s home. Emma explains, “As Sandra was too unwell to travel far we decided to use my auntie’s patio.They have an amazing Queenslander at Norman Park. Curtains were hung, beautiful snap dragons  were placed every where, balloons lined the roof and with fairy lights draped all over the room it made it feel like a fairyland.”

Emma walked down the aisle to “Say What You Need To Say” by John Mayer.

Emma and Marc were married by Andrea Cowley 0407 417 924. Emma notes ” I loved that our amazing marriage celebrate went above and beyond to make sure our service would be legal with only 4 days notice.”

Emma says “It was so special having Marc’s mum Sandra being there and looking so beautiful on the day and having her sign our marriage certificate.”

Of their photographer, Emma says “We only had 4 days to arrange everything, and I knew the exact photographer who would be able to capture the spirit of our wedding. Vanessa has a real talent for being able to catch you in the moment, and the photos always portray the exact emotions of the day without all the typical wedding poses.”

Congratulations on your marriage Emma and Marc, I wish you all the happiness in the world! Thank you for sharing your story with us. Thank you to Cookoo Design & Photography for sharing the photographs with us.

Here’s their slideshow of their day