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Milton Gan Photography

Nothing defines a man’s style quite like the suit. It’s the ultimate expressions of male fashion and speaks volumes about the person wearing it.

However, it’s much easier to wear a suit the wrong way than to be mistaken for Jude Law. Too often men are happy to grab something off the rail based on a thought process like this:

  • When buttoned, does the jacket leave enough space underneath for a bulletproof vest, just in case I become an undercover cop?
  • Are the pockets big enough to hold my phone, wallet, keys, sunnies, iPad, and lunch?
  • If the waist is too loose will my belt will sort it out?
  • Yes, to all three? Great, bag it up chief!

Now that might be just slightly exaggerated but hopefully you get my point. It is, of course, entirely possible to buy a great fitting suit off the rail. But, gentlemen, for  the ultimate cut, shape, and silhouette that will cause doors to open and velvet ropes to part there is only one way to go: bespoke.

Nothing will ever fit better than a suit made to your exact measurements. Not only will it make you feel like an A-lister every time you step out in it, but there is surely nothing more appropriate to wear for the biggest event of your life: your wedding day. Consider this: if girls get to splash out on a gown that will only see one day’s use, why shouldn’t you treat yourself to a suit that can be worn for as long as you can keep off the kilos?!

There are many fine shops and tailors in Sydney that specialise in bespoke suits. I currently have a penchant for a cheeky custom number from MJ Bale. But this post isn’t about me. It’s about Ryan, one of my grooms who had a beautiful navy bespoke suit made by P. Johnson Tailors in Paddington. Ryan did exactly the right thing and paid close attention to styling details which included monogrammed initials in the lining of the suit jacket, the date of his wedding hidden under the suit collar, and a white monogrammed shirt.

A white pocket square and pink and navy polka dot socks from Paul Smith were nice finishing touches. Ryan didn’t wear cufflinks or a tie but that worked to his advantage; the fitted suit and open neck shirt was a demonstration of casual sophistication and perfectly suited his outdoor ceremony at Vaucluse House and relaxed lunchtime reception at Pier.

 Images by Milton Gan Photography

About Milton Gan Photography: Milton Gan combines his artistic flair, eye for detail, and passions for love, style and elegance to create a finely crafted photographic experience for each and every one of his clients.

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